Saturday, August 12, 2017

Jordan's New Apartment

Earlier this summer, we committed to helping Jordan move in to her new apartment. She lives in the same complex as Morgan---a few doors down. It's a newer place, very spacious and nice. We've been storing things for her in the garage and closets for months now. It was nice to get it all out.
 A couple years ago, Connie had given me these shelves. Up until now, Jordan was only able to use one. The other has been in the garage all that time. We were so happy to be able to use them both. As you can see, there is plenty of room for them.Above the television are signed CD's by Reba. When we re-did our rec room, I no longer had room for it. Glad she wanted them. We paid a pretty penny for them at a silent auction.
 I love this kitchen set. Stephanie and Nicky had it in their house until their remodel a few years ago. As it turns out, Jordan has plenty of room for it. I was planning on keeping it and eventually taking it to the beach. The artwork has been on her walls since her first apartment. The ones on the right are her own original art.
 We have a couple of area rugs that she'll be able to use. They just need a good cleaning.
 The kitchen is a good size with lots of cabinets. The door to the rear is the laundry room.
 This door is actually the front door off the hallway. But, since her back porch and door is right near the parking lot, I'm pretty sure that will be her front door.
 We're not planning to do any window treatments. I have a red rug that will work perfect in here.

 The mirror is from Jordan's great grandmother. I love it when you can find generations in "things"!

We were in a hurry to leave, so I didn't get pictures of the bedroom and bathroom. There's a nice linen closet and a large master closet. I wonder what we're paying for this? She's starting graduate school, so her living arrangements are still on our tab!! Nine more months!

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  1. Her place looks really nice. It is fabulous when you can pass furniture down from generation to generation, or even moving it around among one generation. We just took my daughter up to her new college apartment. We had been earmarking and accumulating stuff for 6 months or more. Moving from the dorm, she has a lot more room in her apartment, although it is tiny but cute by apartment standards. And now we have more room in our extra bedroom, garage, attic and closets too.


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