Friday, August 11, 2017

I'm All About Loyalty!

When I find something I like---a store, restaurant, line of products or even my car---I'm loyal! About a year ago, I bought some new tires from this place:
Honestly, I'm never going anyplace else! About 6 months ago I had to go back about an issue with a tire. They took care of it at no charge. Okay, so I get that---under warranty and all that. But last week, I took my car in because I had 2 tires losing air. I love making my appointments online. I took it in early and they took me early. They are so nice and friendly too.

They checked out my car and said the problem was not the tires, but the "valve sensors." Whatever. They replaced them for free! I was shocked. Totally free! Gotta' love that. When I told them how happy I was, they said, "tell your friends." I am.

So there. If you need tires---this is the place to go! In the Cool Springs area. You're welcome!

Out-of-towners rolling in tonight for the weekend. Another busy one!

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