Sunday, November 13, 2016

UGG! I'm really mad!

We are an UGG loving family. A couple days ago, I got an email offering a promotion for this adorable ornament:
Is this not the cutest? The promotion is that you get this ornament free if you spend $200 during this coming week. Wouldn't you know it, I've made my UGG Christmas purchases over the past two weeks. And let's just say I've spent more than double the required $200 (actually, more than that, but the "hubs" reads my blog!). 

Welllll, I decided to contact UGGs and request the ornament. I listed my purchases with the order numbers. I got a quick response. "So sorry, there's nothing we can do. This is a promotion generated by the "system". What? Does that mean the system runs the company and a PERSON cannot override it? I sent another response back:
I think that’s pretty lousy that you have a customer who has spent nearly $***(again, the "hubs") and you will not “bend the rules” for a free ornament. I guess I need to go to the trouble now of returning everything and purchasing it again to get it? What a pain for me and for you. I would have thought your customer service would have been better than that.
Okay, hang in there with me here. This was the final response I got from UGG:

We have no way to alter the promotion and how it is generated in our system. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and I would like to offer you a 20% discount for one item on your next purchase. I hope that this has been helpful and as always Thank you for being an UGG customer.

Are you kidding me? A 20% discount on a pair of UGGS would cost them way more than the friggin' ornament! Plus, I've already made my purchases. I don't need another pair. I'm mad. This seems beyond ridiculous to me. It seems to me that someone could just walk to the box of ornaments and pull one out and send it to me. Oh wait, I guess that would be too much extra work!

So, from this day forward, I am boycotting UGG. I've made my last purchase. And, no, I didn't box everything back up and send it back. Too much of a hassle. I never really intended to follow through with that threat. Surely I thought the craziness of that idea would be enough for someone to say, "Hey let's give this really good customer the ornament." But, no. So, UGG, you are dead to me!

They've lost a good customer---all over a free ornament. 


  1. Oh dear, that sounds like a lot of aggro :( ...

  2. Oh yeah, I hate that customer service representatives are not screened before hiring for the ability to be able to think, preferably in a logical way! Surely, if an ornament was left out of an order than had been generated by the system, they would have to figure out a way to mail the ornament as a correction.

    Just this week I had to deal with a website I really like but some of their practices drive me crazy. I placed an order online Saturday and never received an email receipt. So on Monday I wanted to check that it went through, and possibly make a change. I called and they had received the order but I didn't check "the little box" that said I wanted a receipt - because many of their customers prefer not to get one (presumably due to "hubs"). So I asked them if they could take an item off because I had miscounted. She removed my $9 item and charged me $12 for shipping, because that change dropped my total below their standard $99 free shipping offer. She did not say that was what she was going to do, no she just did it, charging my card! However, she failed to acknowledge that they had a $59 free shipping offer over the weekend also - and they should honor it. I reminded her about that, and immediately asked for a supervisor. She put me on hold "to speak with a supervisor" then came back and issued a credit to my card for the shipping charge. She also promised a receipt would be generated when the item was shipped. I have since received the order, but still no receipt. I guess the "system" was at fault for that too.

    I hate to think that the season is just beginning!

  3. this is silly...they lost a good customer for a little ornament.
    This may be one of the reasons I don't online shop.

  4. I would so return the current purchases, reorder in $200 increments (even if it means placing three orders), use the 20% discount on one of the orders, and get two or three of those cute little ornaments. I'd do it just to show them that I could game their system!


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