Friday, November 25, 2016

The Day Before the Big Day, Part 2

On Wednesday, the plan was to have a family bowling day. It was TERRIBLE! I haven't bowled in over 20 years. It was bowling that brought Butch and I together 45 years ago. We both were pretty good. Anyway, it was absolutely no fun doing something that I used to be really good at, but now am very bad at. Proof:
 I don't think my very first game as a child was ever this bad!
 We bowled two games. I improved---but very little!

 Butch struggled too, but at least still had his good form!

After the bowling, we went to a sushi restaurant for my very first time! I've only had the sushi from the grocery store.
 We just followed the "kids" lead and ordered what they said was the best.

 It was so delicious! I'm totally hooked.
While we were waiting for our food, we tallied up the bowling scores. This family doesn't do anything without a bet! Everybody put in $2.00. The winner got $10.00, 2nd place got $4.00 and 3rd place got their $2.00 back. It's always in good fun. But no one was happy with these lousy scores! Butch and I are the only ones that used to play on leagues when we were young. He carried over a 170 average while I carried a 148 average. So this was pretty depressing for us. Of course, my main goal was to just not fall down! In that way, it was a very successful day!

When we got home, we had a short rest and then started the food prep for the Big Day. It was amazing how fast it all went with so many people helping.

The rest of the family arrived later in the evening. We ordered Chinese for dinner and stayed up late. It was the first of our fun days.

Tomorrow---about our Thanksgiving that almost wasn't!

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  1. Sounds like a fun time. I used to bowl in a league in my pre-married days. I think my average got all the way up to 120 - pretty pitiful for the amount of practice I had.


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