Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The Weekend in Washington, D.C.

We had a great weekend. We were there for a meeting, but managed to work in a great dinner on Thursday night with friends, David and Linda. We went to The Prime. They are known for their prime rib--which Linda and I both had. It was the BEST prime rib I've ever had. Sometimes prime rib can be fatty--which is okay with me, but this was so lean--it melted in your mouth. Everything was good. We've decided that we'll go back there next year too.

We stay at the historic Mayflower Hotel. I love it!
 The lobby is beautiful with all of the crystal chandeliers. It's a fancy place for sure!
The rooms are really nice and spacious. I love the marble bathroom tile.

We had most of Friday free so we did some sightseeing. Butch had gone out early to do a little geo-caching. I met him at the Lincoln Memorial.

 We had been there before, but it never gets old seeing that giant sculpture of Abe.
We had to memorize the Gettysburg Address in the 7th grade. Rather than making us memorize it, I wish our teacher would have taken it apart and really explained to us what it meant. What was the point of memorizing something if you didn't really understand it anyway? 
We strolled through the Korean Memorial on our way to the WWII Memorial.
We can't remember why we didn't do this the first time we were here. It was amazing!

WWII and the Civil War are my favorites. I love everything about those time periods.

The leaves were starting to turn. Butch got this great shot.
 The reliefs at the WWII Memorial were unbelievable in the detail. Each one told a story.
And, of course, when you are walking around you have to admire the beautiful architecture. I love big cities!

We or I should say "I" had one little snafu. I realized on Saturday afternoon that somehow or other (totally my fault), my dress for the white tie dinner got left at home. I just told our friends what had happened. It wasn't all bad. I stayed in the room, ordered room service and had the best cheeseburger--while watching the World Series. I don't ordinarily follow baseball unless the Cardinals get to the playoffs. My sister, Janice and I have been betting on the series in recent years. I took the Cubs and she took the Indians. We have fun with it.

I actually had a good time all by myself!! Honestly, we've been to so many of these types of dinners--average food and boring speeches. Maybe I'll forget my dress next year!


  1. What a bummer about your dress. It's a shame there was no time to shop for a new one. I've never been to a white-tie affair, it sounds enchanting to me - even if the food is average and the speeches boring.

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