Saturday, November 5, 2016

The Only Time I Like Orange...

is this time of year. I like a combination of fall colors. I'm not normally a "brown" person and orange is my least favorite color. But I love the combination of brown, orange, yellow and green right about now.

Tonight we're having a very few friends over for the Iron Chef Competition---except I've changed it to "challenge." The secret ingredient is pumpkin. I thought it would be too hard comparing apples to oranges. So, we're just going to enjoy a few pumpkin dishes. 

I have a lot of friends so inviting just a few is always tricky. I don't ever want to hurt anyone's feelings. But, as big as my table is, I can't fit 16 people! Not everyone reads my blog, so they wouldn't even know. Since my blog is another form of scrapbooking, I'm not going to "hide" the fact that I had something and only invited a few since I want it documented. I made the decision of who to invite based on who has invited us recently. Sounds fair enough to me. So on to it.

Setting the table is my favorite thing to do:
I've had these Fitz and Floyd candleholders for over 20 years now. I love Fitz and Floyd---just about anything. I'll refer to it as FF for the remainder of this post. The "loose"leaf table runner is barely visible. I've had it for years too. I have no idea where I got it. Pier 1 has similar place mats.
I don't care what it costs! You'll find FF mixed in with cheap stuff. Gold pumpkin from Pier 1 a few years ago. Notice the little squirrel---more on that later. 
A few years ago, I planned this cork craft project for family and friends. We each made 4 votive candle holders. I have them scattered around the table
The long view of the table. I love layering table cloths. Actually, if you want something fun, you almost have to. I use both leaves so the table is really long. I can only find basic cloths to fit it. The plaid one came from SteinMart a few years ago--cheap too. 
The napkins are really old---probably 25 years or more. Back then, I chaired the fall fashion show for many years for our woman's club at church. Every year, we made (not me personally since I don't sew) napkins to go with our theme and then sold them as an additional fund raiser. These are fall themed with leaves and indian corn on a dark green background. The napkin rings--are just fall colored, fake jewels. I don't remember where they came from--probably Pier 1. That's my favorite store for inexpensive holiday decor.
I've had these FF salt and pepper shakers forever too. Actually, FF is dated. I just checked. These along with the candleholders are from 1993.
I got these pumpkin plates on sale from William Sonoma a couple years ago. They are called Botanical Pumpkin. They still have them. They are 30% off now.  I don't have these but they are currently at Pier 1 and are so cute too. I love using paper plates as chargers. These shiny copper ones are from Hobby Lobby---really cheap.
This little grouping of squirrels including the one above and those below, I found at an antique mall while scrapbooking about 2 or 3 years ago.
Someone must have collected them. I paid $9.00 for all of them. This is the first time I've used them as we've been going to Charlotte for Thanksgiving for the past few years. Last year, I was laid up so didn't do any fall decorating. Notice the book---I like to use books for heighth in my tablescapes.
The large pumpkin at the center is actually a FF soup tureen (it is not dated, but I didn't have it before moving here nearly 22 years ago---so at least 20 years old. Pier 1 has this one.
I've had these pumpkin pots for a few years---they are little, so I don't think they are teapots. I don't remember where I got them. Made in China. 
 The little pumpkins scattered around came from Pier 1 last year. They come in a clear box and I think they are called "scatters." I also have these but didn't use them. They are still available.
The leaf bowls are from Pottery Barn and no longer available. I chaired a fund raising dinner for the Tennessee Performing Arts Center around 8 or 10 years ago. It was the first time The Lion King was coming to town, so we had a jungle theme. We also had leaf plates at the dinner. We sold the bowls and plates. I gave them as Christmas gifts that year. I've used these so much. They go perfect on my fall table.
The leaf placemats came from Bed Bath and Beyond a couple years ago. After Thanksgiving, I got them for 99 cents a piece! They are made from 1/4" thick, heavy felt. 

I bought this Mark Roberts fairy from a friend that was moving. I'm sure he has a name, but I didn't look at the "papers: when I took him out of the box.
Of course, none of my parties would be complete without table favors. Tonight it's Bath and Body Works pumpkin or fall hand soap. The guys are getting some little bottles of alcohol.

Now, for a few things I have my eye on to find on sale after Thanksgiving (or maybe before)--all from Pier 1:
 As I was making the tea for tonight, I realized that I do not have a fall pitcher.
 I think these napkin holders are so cute. Love the gold leaves.
 I'm sure I could use this platter on Thanksgiving.
These little squirrel place card holders are adorable. I do have some little pilgrims made out of clothespins that a friends daughter made that I use on Thanksgiving, but these would be cute to use as food cards for a party too. 

Who am I kidding? I haven't had a party in ages. I used to entertain ALL. THE. TIME. But now it's just a lot of work. Still, I have luncheons now and then. I like to do things at Christmas too. But for now, I'm enjoying the fall--at least until tomorrow when I put it all away! I have to get ready for Christmas. It will be here before you know it!

Leaving for our farm crop on Monday. Can't wait!


  1. Your table is so pretty and interesting with lots of depth and detail. I didn't know Fitz & Floyd wasn't "the cheap stuff" as I have only ever picked up pieces at flea markets, etc. Over the years I have pared down dramatically the extra seasonal decorations I have, and fall was never my favorite color scheme to begin with. I usually go for a few candy corn happy colored items and call it good. I do admire those WS plates though - tres elegant!

  2. What a beautiful table, loving all the layering and the little details. May you have a great Thanksgiving.


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