Monday, November 14, 2016

A Few Things Part 2

A couple weeks ago, Butch was vacuuming his closet. He had moved these old boots out. I suggested that he wear them when next the girls would be here. I knew they'd get a kick out of it. He's not quite as "fun-loving" as I am, so he ignored me. They were moved to the garage---to be discarded.
Then all of a sudden, they were back! Hmmm. Maybe he is going to surprise us sometime with a 1980's throwback, boot scootin' boogie!
Boy did I luck out! I figured for a dollar, these cantaloupes wouldn't be very good. But it was delicious! I'm only mad I didn't buy more than one! Even during the height of the season, they are never a buck.
 Cheese is crazy expensive! This is the first time I bought Gruyere cheese. This is only a half pound!
I made these gift tags for a friend. She loves them and sent the picture to show me how they look with her gifts. She just has to add the names. They were pretty simple to make. I used that metallic sliver Bazzill card stock to make the tags, a flower punch with 2 printed papers and rhinestone for the center, a border punch and tied a ribbon on top.
This is the line at Pancake Pantry. It's always like this--every time I we drive by. What you see here is where it's wrapped around the building. We are always amazed. The pancakes are good, a little pricey, but they are just pancakes y'all! No fancy atmosphere either. Somehow, it pops up on every list of "must do's" in Nashville.  If you want to have a really fun experience when visiting Nashville, go to the Pfunky Griddle! Great pancakes and cheap. Plus, you get to make your own, so it's just plain fun. AND, you don't have to pay for parking! (PS If you are coming to Nashville, contact me and I'll give you ideas of what you should do while here).
 This is the pile of layouts I had before I went to the farm. Add the 18 I just did there. I'm planning on getting them in to albums this week.
Last but not least. This book. It ranks in my top 10 favorites. You don't have to be Catholic to like it--in fact, the author is Jewish. It's not a "religious" book per se. It's about a woman won passed herself off as a man so she could get an education. She ultimately became the Pope. There just might some truth to it as the years around that time are pretty sketchy on the list of the popes. I take issue with some of it, but still a really interesting read. Anyway, this is a brand new copy. I'll send it to the first person who responds that would like it. Go.


  1. I love posts with this much variety. Why is it that you never know what you will get with cantelope; boots are often bought, seldom worn, but hard to part with; and the good cheese is always pricey! We have seen that line at the Pancake Place, and while neither that or your suggested pancake place really floats my boat, I will remember to tap you for suggestions the next time we go to Nashville. The book sounds interesting, but I already have several books about plots to assassinate Popes on my shelves unread. And no that is not any type of statement on the Catholic faith by this raised Catholic, now reformed Lutheran. ;-) I hope you have a good week Barbara.

  2. You gotta share when he puts the boots on~ and when the pages go in albums! I gotta do that too. Thanks for stopping by!!!

  3. Yes, good cheese is pricey, alas. Did you like it? Gruyere is one of my favourites. Ooh, those boots! Looking forward to seeing them on feet one day ... Eighteen layouts is most impressive, Barbara!


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