Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Ceremony

I really don't have that many photos yet. These are just the ones people have sent me. I'm very grateful. It's going to be a few weeks before I get the photos from the photographer. She said she took 1400! Surely we'll get some good ones!

Mindys' colors were red and black. 

My niece, Ranya is a concert cellist. She handled all the music for me. I'm so grateful to her. Mindy wanted everything about her wedding to be fun with many surprises. For the first half hour, the trio played show tunes. We purposely did not list the songs in the program because we did not want to give anything away. Right before it was time to start down the aisle, they played The Blackeyed Peas---Let's get this party started. The mothers walked down to Europe's---The final countdown. The bridesmaids walked down to Carly Rae Jepson's---Call me maybe. 

Mindy walked down to Katie Perry's---Firework. We wanted people to be surprised since those are not the types of songs you expect from a string trio. We wanted people to have to think about what the song was rather than see it in the program. You know us--everything is a game! It turned out to be a success. Many people remarked about how cool and unexpected the music was. Nothing stuffy for Mindy!
Mindy and Justin recessed to Stevie Wonder's---Sign sealed delivered! Another surprise was the fact that Mindy did not wear a traditional veil. She had just a little headpiece with netting. I hope the photographer got a close-up of it. It is so cute.
Notice how pretty the bouquet looks with her dress. After they exited, the guests got a cute little container of bubbles wth Mindy and Justin's picture on the bottle. Once everyone was outside, the happy couple ran through them. I hope those pictures turn out because it looked really neat. She originally wanted sparklers. I'm glad she was talked out of that.
Stephanie, Nicky, Jordan and Morgan. Mindy let all the girls get whatever black dress they wanted and red shoes of their choice. She really wanted them to get something they could wear again. Let's face it, no matter what everyone says, you won't or don't wear a bridesmaid dress again. We all liked this practical aspect. 
 Victoria, Sandy, Greg and Elizabeth. We all loved the black and red theme.

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  1. She looks so beautiful! And so happy!

  2. lovely photos of such a happy occasion, congratulations to them both.

  3. Congrats to them both - what a great song to leave the ceremony on. And I think that veil is just adorable.


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