Wednesday, February 10, 2016

First Fire...

post signature...after the fire! 
I guess we have money to burn because literally, it went up in smoke!!

Remember this post from New Year's Day? Well it's been since then that we've been without our wood burning fireplace. Turns out there was a lot of damage. $6,000 worth! I also found out that our insurance is so good that they even pay for stupidity!! We were completely honest (you know my philosophy about not wanting to profit from the insurance company---never want to jinx us). Still we had to pay our $2500 deductible, but they covered the rest. The brickwork was cracked all up and down---and we have a very tall chimney. Ashbusters had to build some sort of frame that was lowered inside the chimney from the roof. Then some sort of liquid had to be poured---I don't know, I guess we now have a ceramic chimney. 

I learned my lesson. Even if the branches from the Christmas tree are really little, I won't be burning them!

I missed this and am glad to be able to enjoy it again. Thank goodness we have gas logs in the other fireplaces, but it's not quite the same.


  1. Wow, that's quite the ending to what was already a jaw dropping story

  2. Ouch, although from what you said they have done I can see why it would be pricey. Glad you can enjoy the fireplace safely now.

  3. So glad it's all repaired now & you can enjoy it! The weather here has been lovely & we've not turned out gas fireplace on since the holidays.


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