Sunday, February 28, 2016

Facebook vs. Instagram

post signatureI don't really get the difference between Facebook and Instagram. You post a photo, make a comment and hope people "like" it. It's the same for both places.

While all of the girls were getting their hair done for the wedding, we had a great time just hanging out together. The subject of Instagram came up because Sandy recently joined. She doesn't do Facebook, so this was a big step in the world of social media for her.

I started asking questions. The grands decided I needed to be on Instagram. Jordan took over my phone and downloaded the app. She opened it and said, "Grammy, you already have an account! Look, you have 34 Followers!" What??? How did that happen? I have no recollection of ever setting it up. Most likely, sometime in the past, those same grands set me up. Jordan began to show me the "ins and outs."

I decided to make my first post. Jordan helped me. All of a sudden, I  yelled, "Oh My Gosh! Look, I already have 142 followers in just 15 minutes!" Jordan laughed, "Grammy! That's my account!" Oh.

I'll get the hang of it---maybe. But what I don't understand is that people post the exact same things on Instagram as they do on Facebook. I just don't get it. Why bother? Aren't the same people seeing it in both places? I will say, I do like the fact that Instagram does not have a bunch of advertising or junk posts.

So what I've really learned is that if Facebook is not enough to eat up my little spare time, then just click on over to Instagram to eat up the rest. Let's not even talk about Etsy or Pinterest.


  1. I opened an Instagram account a year ago and uploaded exactly one picture. I think IG is getting a lot of buzz lately, but I am also thinking that a person should only have 1 or 2 social media accounts. Enough is enough already - how many places do I need to be able to scroll through photos.

  2. LOL - I don't have an Instagram account . . .yet. I'm on Facebook and have started some Bible Journaling boards on Pinterest. Along with my blog, that's enough for me right now.

  3. I don't really do FB. I don't like it tho I have a page for my blog because it's what people do. I held out against IG for a long time but do have an account now and I have fun with it. On IG it's easy to find accounts about the things you are interested in..that's the difference with FB I think. I use it to get a stream of lovely scrapbooking pictures and not to find out about IG ers lives

  4. I find on FB I see my family/friends - and I group them all into lists which I skim down.

    IG I've put up bits and pieces but haven't done much.


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