Monday, February 22, 2016

Sisters are the BEST!!

post signatureDon't you just love it when your sisters bring you little bits of the past? Well, it doesn't happen often, but when it does, it's such a nice surprise.
Jennifer left these on my nightstand---two dresser mirrors and a shoe hook that belonged to our grandmother. The large mirror has some sort of mother of pearl inlay. To be honest, I don't remember ever seeing any of this stuff. When we were little, my grandparents lived in a small apartment above the restaurant they owned. We weren't there very often. Still, I'm happy to have these things that belonged to her. When I pass them on to my grandchildren, they will have something from their great-great-grandmother. Not too many kids can say that! I can't!

Jeanne brought me the following note in the original envelope from 1971. I'm sure I was pretty tired of writing thank you notes by the time I got to this one. Plus, Jeanne was only 14, so I doubt she cared. I promise, my thank you note writing has improved since this one! As a new bride, I had never cooked, so maybe that's my excuse for this. Still, it's no excuse!
I plan to put this note on a scrapbook layout about the two of us. Or, maybe I should give it to a teacher as a perfect example of what NOT to say in a thank you note! When I was in school, we were not taught how to write notes. My girls learned how to write notes and they all do a great job of it! Of course, I can write a decent note now-a-days too!

Thanks, sisters! I love you!!


  1. In my sisterhood, that thank you note would be blackmail material!

  2. Emily Post would be silently disapproving of that attempt!

  3. I love the honesty in that note! And the reflection of you and y'all's relationship at that time - perfect for a scrapbook page.

  4. A sister is the only person you could write a note like that to!

  5. The note made me smile - definitely worth including it on a page.


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