Saturday, February 20, 2016


post's just about preserving the pictures. I'm a storyteller. I think it's important to tell our stories. I think our stories are interesting. I teach the importance of telling our stories. No, I don't just teach the importance of telling our stories, I preach the importance of telling our stories.

But sometimes it really is just about preserving the pictures. Those are the times when there will be lots of photos on the page. Collectively they tell a story, but no story in particular. Usually, when I have a story to tell, the story itself is the main feature on the page with the photos being the corroborating material.

Last weekend while with my sisters, I made 22 pages. That made me so happy because the photos were really starting to pile up. I needed to get them preserved. Stories were secondary on most pages. It didn't help that we had no printer. I'm a big proponent of journaling by hand--unless the story is long. Then typing it makes more sense. I have several stories to tell which need too be added to some pages. I'll get to it. I hope!

For now, here are some of the layouts I completed. I am not all that artistic. I'm very linear in my approach. You won't see things crooked or catywampus on my pages. That just doesn't work for me.

 We received an invitation to a fund raiser for the Nashville Symphony. I loved the shiny, silver, red and black invitation and reply card. It was "Mad Men" themed. I saved them and used them on this page. I journaled with a metallic gold pen on the outside of the invitation.
 I used the invitation as a place to store more photos.

The next batch will be the storytelling pages.


  1. It doesn't matter if your pages are linear or "cattywampus" (what a wonderful word! I have stored that to memory for further use) They are your pages and your family will recognise your hand on every page. It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks at all but I think they look great and show your neatness of character very clearly

  2. You are absolutely right about these pages: whether it's through the arrangement of the photos, or the way the photos are taken I'm not sure, but the story seems to be leaping off the page, words or no

  3. lots of great layouts Barb, and very prolific!

  4. I like the ways you've included details and memorabilia. That invitation is such a great re use


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