Saturday, June 20, 2015


Outside my window: What can I say? It's hot. You can fry an egg on the patio. The pool is barely refreshing these days.

 I am thinking: I want to get up in my scrapbook room. I haven't been able to spend any time up there since the big clean out a few weeks ago---or maybe it has been more than a month---yikes! Where does the time go? I'm planning to have an hour today--perhaps two. 

I am thankful for: Air conditioning! No explanation necessary!

From the kitchen: I have planned the first annual ALL Family Reunion for my friends tomorrow at the park. I have a couple dishes to make for that---Cowboy Caviar (click for recipe---makes a lot) and Carrot Casserole. 

I am wearing: I'm still in my pajamas and plan to stay that way until my friends come over for a swim party.

I am hoping: To break in my new tennis shoes. I used my rewards and "thanks for sharing" dollars from Macy's to buy two new pairs before Disney. I have a week.

I am reading: I've just started The Invention of Wings for book club. I've already finished Industry Darling. Unfortunately, I won't be able to go to book club since I'll be at the beach. This will be the first meeting I've missed since Connie and I started the club six or seven years ago. The funny part about it is that I could have gone if I hadn't changed the date to accommodate someone else. That's what I get for not checking my own calendar! I'll send my comments anyway. 

I'm watching: I finally got Butch to watch a series. I really like watching full seasons on dvd. We're watching Suits---recommended by my friend, Nancy. The only problem? Butch doesn't want to watch more than one episode at a time. I could watch two in a row for sure!

I am busy creating: I haven't created anything since the centerpiece for Mitchell's little party.
I'm itching to do some scrapbooking.

I'm bummed: That the weather forecast for tomorrow is not looking good. It could be a soggy picnic.

I am hearing: GMA in the background.

Around the house: I think it's really "cute" that Butch bought these glasses. We have tons of glasses and don't really need them. I guess you can never have too many gin and tonic glasses. 

 I guarantee you they came from the Dollar Store! Actually, the Dollar Store has some good stuff.

In other news: Jordan and friends have been over to swim three times this week. The problem? It's always after 10:00 p.m. I guess that's when everyone is finished working. It's not really a problem, but the music can get loud. We're happy to have them here. I keep the refrigerator stocked with soda and pantry stocked with chips. Reminds me of when our girls were young. Our house was the "go to" house. We didn't have a pool then. We're just glad to have them around. They clean up perfectly! I like that!

 One of my favorite things right now: 
First---who doesn't like free stuff? The first free things were the tickets to the Sounds Game---minor league baseball. Nicky's office has season tickets, so he offered me some. I took a couple friends. They were giving out free t-shirts. For what the shirts cost them I wish they'd had the park sprayed for mosquitoes. Maybe the did. My friend, Mary Jo and I were the only ones bothered. Of course, I have a problem with mosquitoes. Remember recently, I found out that they like O- blood types. I always knew it was the universal blood type, but I had no idea that everything in the universe would love it!
Second---I discovered Lemonheads when I was putting together the sunshine boxes I sent to the girls at school. They are tart lemony things that last a long time---for when you want just a little something. 

I appreciate: Friends that bring lunch to the pool and then leave half of it behind for dinner! Thanks Connie---delicious pasta salad, cheese toast and German Chocolate dessert!

I regret: that rain is predicted for tomorrow. Our First Annual ALL Family Reunion might be very short.

How the weekend is shaping up: Besides the picnic tomorrow, the "kids" are coming over on Sunday for a Father's Day pool party. It's supposed to be sunny by then.


  1. We like "Suits" here..we have someone who dreams of being Harvey..

    And we like Lemonheads too, when we can find them

  2. Sounds like you are having a good summer, despite the heat! I, too, am thankful for air conditioning. Although we took advantage of the overcast day today to clean out & declutter the garage. I thoroughly enjoyed The Invention of Wings earlier this year - hope you do, too! We enjoy watching TV series on DVD & often have little "marathons" and watch several episodes at once. We just finished watching all Season One of The Last Ship . . . because Season Two starts tomorrow! Hope y'all have a lovely Sunday & the rain doesn't drop in & spoil anything!

  3. Fun catch-up post. I'm trying to do some TV catch-up as well, along with scraproom supply rearranging and lots of other things. Have a good week. PS We love baseball, we might have to trek south and take in a Sounds game.

  4. Nice snippets - glad the weather was good for the picnic. Wonder if I can get lemonheads here - Princess would love a sunshine box when she goes back next term.


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