Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A Quick Post From Disneyworld

Not much time for posting, but couldn't resist a little one.
Obviously, when you do Disney in the summer, it's HOT!! I bought this battery operated fan/mister the last time we were here. I remembered to bring it this time with spare batteries. It's quite tedious filling it up with ice as you have to have just the right size of cubes and then put them in one at a time. 
Butch is such a good guy!!! He patiently filled my mister this morning! I charge 25 cents for 2 squirts. Believe me, everyone wants it! It does get tiring---carrying it around. It doesn't really stay on your shoulder and around your neck just hurts. The ice melts fairly quickly and then the water gets warm---hardly refreshing.

I'm not sure it's worth the 20 bucks I paid for it. I've only made about a buck twenty five selling squirts. I'm such a sucker.


  1. Haha! We were too mean to buy one of those last year. They are expensive. (We didn't buy rain capes either..)

  2. i think you need to charge more :) i'm sure they'd all pay x


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