Friday, June 26, 2015

I've Alway Been a "Cry-er"

Things move me. I cry at touching commercials. I cry with friends. I cry at weddings, I tear up in beautiful gardens. I cry during movies. I cry while reading. I cry at ceremonies---even if it's not about my family. And you can always count on Survivor to "tear me up" when family members send letters or arrive in person. I'm just empathetic. I put myself in the other person's shoes. I'm okay with that.

However, there's nothing to cry about this weekend. We're heading to the happiest place on earth!!
Disney, here we come! We're planned---I've made a schedule for each day---and printed it out---weekly as well as daily---for all 13 of us (my grandmother would be turning over at that number---once on Thanksgiving, she had my cousin bring a friend to make the number 14 for dinner---but I digress).

We've gotten our fast passes. We've made dinner reservations. We know what particular food and drink specialties to try in the various parks. We have many little known secrets to discover. Sandy is our expert there. She reads ALL the books! We count on her!

Doing Disney with us is exhausting. We always get the "park hopper" passes so we open the early park and close the late park. We carry ponchos for the showers likely to crop up. Nothing keeps us away. In fact, we like a bit of rain because the crowds thin out. We even fight! Even though we say that everyone can do their "own" thing, we all want to stay together. That leads to some bickering about what to do when. We always have a plan!

We go back to the hotel in the afternoon for a little pool time and relaxation---we stay at the Beach Club Resort. We've even been known to accidentally leave a certain family member who was napping, behind! "She" won't let us forget that! Here's a hint.
We swear we didn't do it on purpose! She's not so sure.

This year will be Nicky and Justin's first time at Disney with us. We think they might be a little afraid! They should be! I'm taking my Fitbit and will report back. This week will be a real test for my "new foot." I'm excited.

So, you see, there's nothing to be crying about. Then, just to get in the mood, I watched this---and cry I did! Just like I always did when Mindy was little. This was the only movie that kept her occupied for an hour an fifteen minutes a day. Yes, she watched it every day from about 9 months old to about 14---that would be years!

Enjoy---and see if you recognize the movie and who is singing? I'll tell you after the link, so don't peek! Baby Mine.

From Dumbo with Bette Midler singing.

I won't have much time for blogging, but I'll try to get a few photos posted.


  1. We went a couple of years ago~ get ready to have a BLAST! Thanks for stopping by my blog!!!

  2. Have a wonderful time! I can't wait to hear the stories..

  3. You sound super organised. Have a fabulous time x

  4. Someone once told me that I was blessed with the gift of tears...Have a wonderful Disney time x

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