Sunday, June 7, 2015

Random Photos

Stephanie recieved a "major" award from her company that included an all-expense paid trip to a resort in Mexico. Shortly after, she got a very nice promotion at work!! We're very proud of her! She's ambitious and works hard.
 A couple of weeks ago, the "kids" did the 5K "Color Run." You're supposed to wear white and then people throw colorful stuff at you while you run. I don't really get it, but they had fun.
Justin, Mindy, Stephanie, Jordan and Morgan on the front row. Matt (one of their friends) and Nicky on the back row.
 The girls pose after the race overlooking the Titan's stadium.
 Mindy and Justin taking a "selfie."
 Mindy showing her "colors!"
I don't really know what led up to Justin modeling Mindy's tutu, but since they posted it on Facebook, I figured it was fair game for my blog! It kind of looks like he's getting ready to do a pirouette!
 My own selfie!
 I ran across this sign while picking up the cake for Mitchell's graduation. I don't really get the connection between beads and tea.
We stopped at Starbucks after school before Victoria's bus. Elizabeth got the cutest little drink. I had no idea they came that small. So cute! I can't tell you what it is. I only know the tea---venti, iced, black shaken with 3 equals, please! Mindy surprised me with one when she came over on Saturday. Such a thoughtful girl she is!
While we were in Charlotte, we went to the number 1 tourist attraction. Wait for it---The Billy Graham Library! The house you see on the left is his childhood home. It was moved from somewhere else in Charlotte to this location. That was my favorite part---from the 1920's but decorated in 1940's style.

We really enjoyed the 1 1/2 hour tour, but agreed that the kids would hate it. I never knew that much about Billy Graham, but I now have a real respect for him. He went his entire career devoted to preaching God's word without a single scandal!
Lastly, Elizabeth shared with me the Disney princesses she made with her Rainbow Loom---Repunzel  on the left and Cinderella on the right. She found the instructions on the internet and spent quite a long time constructing them. Kids today amaze me. She's only 9 and found these on the internet. How did she even thing to look for them?

That's it for today!


  1. Those rainbow loom figures are very nicely done - how intriguing as, as you say, how clever of her. Nice to see photos of you today! Many congratulations to Stephanie - clearly talented AND hard-working. No wonder there's pride in your voice :).

  2. There is so much love and mutual support in your family that these posts with all the news are an absolute pleasure to read

  3. Your post is just so cheerful. Your family are so lovely and full of fun. Love the colour run thing, we had one here. Our hospice are really on the ball with their fundraising activities, A colour run was thier latest.

  4. a lovely collection of photos. It always surprises me how much the young learn from the internet these days. her disney princesses are fantastic :)

  5. you have a lovely family, you must be so proud x


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