Friday, June 5, 2015

All Grown up or Not?

We were in Charlotte for nearly a week for Mitchell's high school graduation and Victoria's eighth grade graduation. Today, we'll focus on Mitchell.
This was his eighth grade graduation a mere 4 years ago. In that time, he's become a MAN---and a gentleman at that! Well, maybe not quite. Read on.

When the celebration was over, Mitchell tossed his mortarboard---like all the kids do. Except, he just walked away. Sandy made him go back to find it. I can pretty much guarantee you that all of these abandoned hats belonged to boys!
With a little help from his sisters, he found one that fit.
 Hanging with his buddies. Mitchell left his cigar in the car. Cigars---just because they can.
We met his girlfriend, Alyssa for the first time. What a sweetheart she is! She was very personable and didn't have any trouble holding a conversation with people she had never met before.
 While we were waiting for dinner, the family got a few pictures.
With his mama! This makes me tear up---my baby with her baby! When did they become so grown up?
Sandy ordered the cake from Dessert Designs---the premier bakers here in Nashville. There is no one that can make cakes like these---and the cost reflects that---$100 for this one! You can't tell from the picture, but it's about 12" by 6"---a big cake. The recipes must be closely guarded secrets.
I took this picture after it was nearly gone. The bottom is like a thick chocolate fudge, with a cream cheese pound cake on top---all held together with a "melt in your mouth" caramel frosting. So rich that you can only eat a small piece at a time---and we did---about 8 times! Truly, the most delicious cake you'll ever have! Worth the splurge.
Here's the finished blanket I made for Mitchell. He was so happy that it was big enough for him. Even though I intended it for college, he used it the entire time we were there. Luckily, it will last forever! We have several in the family that mom made that are 40 years old! They wear like iron and wash up really nice. I figured Mitchell would like something to wrap up in when he's partied a little too late!
Elizabeth gave him a pair of Clemson swim trunks. Purple and orange---the orange is not quite obnoxious as UT orange.

Sandy made a delicious, celebratory crab leg dinner accompanied by garlic, parmesan potatoes, green bean casserole, Italian salad and dinner rolls.
Sandy and Elizabeth made the cute party favors. The little grad caps are squares of cardstock and tiny ribbon attached with a mini brad stuck to an upside down peanut butter cup.
And then there's this---just when you think he's all grown up! We were staying in Mitchell's room. I found this in the closet.
The shirt is not even unbuttoned nor is the tie removed. It had to be much harder to take it off like this than to just unbutton it!
Apparently, this is his strategy for all dress shirts and ties. At least it's hung up. I guess deep down, he's still a boy at heart! I'm good with that.

Prior to going to Victoria's graduation, Mitchell told Sandy that he was "graduationed out!" She reminded him that he had only been to two "events" and they were both HIS!! I love that boy!


  1. lovely post and celebrations.

  2. Congrats to the grad - it looks like it was a lovely celebration.


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