Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Time Has Come... move the fish. Remember this:
Well, it's just a matter of time and Rio will figure it out:
She can't reach the fishbowl as it's pushed back in the corner. But Rio is determined. Stephanie and Nicky have decided they need to move the fish upstairs to a place inaccessible to the cat. Otherwise, they are going to come home one day to a mess and the fish gone.

Even though I might feel sorry for the fish, I have to admire Rio's determination and tenacity! I actually think it's kind of cute.


  1. Um, wow...that's a cat with nerve!

  2. Blimey, he's fearless, that Rio The Ragamuffin!

  3. Oh my, it's definitely time to move the fish! LOL

  4. What a brilliant set of photo's! what a cat! for a moment there I thought this was going to be a Pair, I was dreading the second photo!

  5. We used to have our fish in a tank with a close fitting lid. The cats sat on the top enjoying the heat and watched the fish through the sides. Just occasionally Guilty Party would attempt to gnaw his way through the corners...


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