Friday, February 20, 2015

Day 3

Today, we moved from the El Silencio to the Nayara Springs Resort.  
We rode through the countryside, stopping at a little roadside market where the iguanas gather. I’ve never seen so many roaming wild. Apparently they are referred to as Costa Rica chickens.

After a brief stop at a local church and grocery store, we arrived at the hotel. All I can say is OMGosh! Now this is unabated luxury!!! Don't you just love that word! I know I'm using it a lot, but there really is no other way to describe it!  Our driver told us that this hotel was the 2nd nicest in the world. We find that hard to believe, but certainly it ranks right up there.

 Crystal chandelier and sconces.
 Fresh birds of paradise flowers. 
 Long shot of our room. You can see the chandelier. It's just gorgeous with all kinds of perks.
Besides the regular shower, there is and outside shower. So awesome with cool plants and flowers.
We had a little time before our next thing, so Karolyn and I decided to get in our own private hot tub. We spent about an hour and then got ready for ziplining. Butch and I have done it before in Mexico. It ranks up there in my top ten of life experiences. However, this time, I decided to pass. Instead, I rode the cable car up with them and took a few pictures before riding back down. 
All set to go!
On the way down---you won’t believe it---I saw “holler monkeys!” I was so excited. I tried to take pictures, but I had my sunglasses on so I couldn’t see. I took the glasses off, but then I couldn’t see worth a crap to figure out if I got any good shots. I decided to use Butch’s iPhone since you can get closer up shots. Of course, I couldn’t see his phone to figure out where his 

camera was. Everyone keeps their camera on the main page---right? Not Butch!! I finally found it in a folder marked photography! By the time I did all this the monkeys had moved in to a denser area. The first one we saw was a mama carrying a baby on her back. You can barely see it---it’s like a black dot. So is the one of the papa higher in the trees. I wasn’t sure the gang would believe me without photographic proof. While waiting for them to finish, I also saw a “coati” which is a Costa Rican raccoon. 
I also saw this unusual flower on the bananas. Bananas grow up.

 Bruce and Karolyn loved ziplining. Even Butch liked it and felt like it was much safer than Mexico.

We headed back to the hotel, had a glass of wine and then headed to dinner. On the way, we saw a macaw. I didn't have my camera, but Bruce a got a good picture of it. 
I’ve seen quite a lot of unusual flowers---so gorgeous. I have so many more that I'll post later.

After dinner, seriously, I fell in to bed totally exhausted---it was only 8:50!!

Tomorrow starts at 5 a.m.---that’s when we have to meet our driver. So, we’re getting up at 4:15! Hey wait a minute, aren’t we supposed to be on vacation??

Until then....


  1. wow it does look like an incredible place....i'd have been happy to stay in the hot tub :) x x enjoy yourselves

  2. Looks like a wonderful place to visit.


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