Monday, February 2, 2015

Monday Mystery

I cannot figure this one out.
When I was decorating Stephanie and Nicky's house, I moved a chest to hang a clock. This is what I found. Why in the world would their cat "push" these paper wads under? She couldn't get under there to place them or retrieve them---yet they are placed all together! The little owl is a keychain. Luckily, there were no keys on it. Steph would never have found it! And you don't need that when you are trying to get out the door for work!
Rio thinks she's a dog. I guess everyone enjoys stretching out in front of a fire. Hey, where's her book?


  1. Cats are strange creatures indeed! My brothers cat has a rubber fettish. The latest thing is that rubber strip that fixes green house glass in!! He has had worse though. Great post.

  2. Given that it is a wooden floor, the cat was probably playing soccer with those papers and when she got to the chest and batted the paper underneath, couldn't fish it back out. Seen that phenomenon in action here! You should have seen how many hair elastics were under my daughters dressers! (The cats love playing soccer with them!)


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