Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Finishing Touches

The new room is completely finished now. I just had a few finishing touches.
 I made these. I can't claim them as an original idea. I saw something similar at the bridge center.
The plantation shutters are exactly what I wanted. I love the large slats. The tops and bottoms work independently from each other.
I ordered these from Eight Squared from Etsy. The tiles are 5" and  really good quality. I was very happy and would highly recommend this company.
Butch has had this tool for a number of years. Can you see the line? This project required a bit of math---not my strong point. Butch double-checked my numbers and we started.
I asked Butch to give me a hand getting started. Instead, he helped me with the entire project. The line is barely visible. It was all we needed. Once the first name was done, the rest built from there. It was very easy. We used mounting squares---not the removable type. I figure I'll never be removing them, so it doesn't really matter. The main reason I didn't use the Command Strips---which are removable---was because it was going to cost nearly $30 to get enough. The mounting tape (I think it's Scott) was about $3.50 for the whole project.
The finished project. My parents taught me how to play Scrabble when I was only 5 and could only spell little words. I wasn't able to beat my mother until I was about 20---and even then, it was rare. I'm considering this a bit of an homage to her. Scrabble is still a family favorite. I'm so happy that the kids like it too!
The long view. Now the room is officially complete! Let the parties begin---or I should say continue!


  1. It looks wonderful.I love how you've used the scrabble letters and your playing card pictures are perfect for the room.

  2. that is a stunningly clever idea, and it looks so good. The whole room is lovely, you have every right to be proud of it

  3. I absolutely love those Scrabble tiles with all y'all's names!! And the framed playing cards, too. Scrabble is my favorite game & I'm the reigning champion around here. :)

  4. wow...that's a lovely wall feature. A brilliant idea x

  5. Love both those projects! Your room is looking very stylish.

  6. I love the personalised touches. It's looking very fine indeed. Enjoy!

  7. What a great idea those large tiles are! I do this at Christmas but on a much smaller scale, magnetic tiles on the 'fridge. Your new room looks amazing,

  8. Oh what a lovely set up - I love scrabble and currently play several friends at Words with Friends.


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