Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Latest and Greatest

We were watching Shark Tank last week. A couple of young fellas presented this idea. I was immediately "all over it."
It's called "Phone Soap." Did you know that our cell phones are dirtier than a public bathroom? With that single sentence, I was SOLD!!
Just put your phone inside. Using ultra violet rays, it cleans and sanitizes it in 3 minutes. It's also a charger. You can buy it at Staples for $60.00. If you order it online, you get free delivery. I think it also comes in black. Now when the girls (and Nicky) come for happy hour, they can clean their phones! One caveat, it does not remove fingerprints. Come on, you can't have everything!

Butch says I'm a marketer's dream. Is that a bad thing?

Speaking of the latest and greatest, I saw this at Target this week:
I'm a Kate Spade purse (handbag, pocketbook) lover. This is a great, near copy. The gold plate in the center of the bow doesn't have Kate Spade on it, so it's not a "knock-off" which is illegal anyway. Still it's a great "look alike" and on sale for 20 bucks! Please---a purse for 20 bucks??? Unheard of!!
You can have the real thing for $289.00. 

No, I didn't buy the Target one. I was tempted. But these days, I only "wear" cross bodies. As I told my granddaughter, I need to have my hands free to break my fall!!


  1. Yes, I can remember the days of hands free to catch runaway toddlers..and flat shoes so i could chase after them. Now hands free to break my fall sounds more like it!

  2. hands free made me smile! I must tell DH about your phone cleaner...he'll love it. He's always going on about grubby phones. Not his, of course. His is pristine x

  3. I have to agree that the marketers probably appreciate you!

  4. I am going to pretend you didn't say anything about cell phones, because I also heard that our purses pick up tons of germs too. I guess I'd better get to Target and see if I can find the Kate knock-off to replace it, right?!?


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