Thursday, February 19, 2015

Day 2

5:00 a.m. came much too early!!! But, we had scheduled bird watching for 5:30 a.m. Butch, Bruce and Karolyn were able to get a cup of coffee and I had tea before starting out. I quickly realized that the reason I don’t see animals when we’re on trips is that basically, I’m blind---and, I don’t know where to point the binoculars! I guess I need to offer an official apology to Alaska and all of New England for complaining that I never saw any animals when we were there! I think I love flora more than fauna anyway! I loved all the unusual flowers and foliage. 

Most of the trees have an assortment of plants growing on them. Some are so tiny and cute. I had Karolyn put her hand in the photo so you can see how little they are.

We ended up seeing many colorful birds---Butch, Bruce and Karolyn, more than me. We thoroughly enjoyed those couple of hours.

We broke for breakfast---unusual selections, but the mango bread was delicious.

Our next activity was a guided waterfall hike. Another awesome thing to do. There were more hummingbirds than I’ve ever seen at one time---and at least a half dozen variety. I was most impressed by the bright purple ones. I had never seen purple hummingbirds before.
Some of them were very large and some were no bigger than a bumble bee. All colors.
We were told to keep an eye out for monkeys. We didn’t see any, but we certainly heard the “howling monkey.” Even that was fun. 
Butch, Bruce and Karolyn took the 400 steps down to the bottom of the waterfall. I hate to admit it, but I do know my limitations and didn’t join them. I’m so glad Butch got us the walking sticks. Here at the resort, they recommend them and have plenty for people to “borrow.”

Butch is always so considerate of me---walking in front to break my fall, letting me take his arm when the terrain is “iffy” and pointing out the sort of things I generally trip over. He takes good care of me, but I hate it for him. I’m sure he’d love to just enjoy the trip without worrying about me.

So what do you do after a full day of exercise? Well, for Butch and Bruce---it’s another hike!! Butch has nearly 20,000 steps already. Me, I have 10,000, but I’ve also logged 63 flights of stairs---and the day’s not over!!! Karolyn and I were ready for some pampering and relaxation. We had 90 minute spa treatments. She did the mud, I did the aromatherapy.  The guys met us after and bragged about the birds they saw. They saw a huge falcon. We might not have believed them if they didn’t have the pictures to back it up! 

Dinner at the hotel finished the day. 

Tomorrow, we head to Arenal and the Nayara Hotel, Spa and Gardens. We take a sky trek in the afternoon. You can either zipline down or ride the sky trek.


  1. Lol! I can never see anything through binoculars either. Though I usually say I can anyway...

  2. Well I think you should zipline!!!!!!


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