Sunday, October 19, 2014

Monday Mystery

You know how I sometimes have unexplained happenings around here? Like the turtle we found in the pond last summer? Or the gallon of orange juice in the refrigerator that no one claimed? Well, I have another one for you.

Butch cleaned out my Solstice while I was out-of-town. He found a camera behind the seat. I was sure that it belonged to Pam. When I got home, I checked the memory card. It was empty, so no clue there. But I was even more sure that it was Pam's because she's the only person I know that keeps buying new memory cards rather than erase them. Since the one in the camera was a Kodak and the camera is a Canon, I was positive it was hers.

I brought the camera to her at the farm. She couldn't believe it. Then, after she got home she sent me this picture:
She texted the photo with the message, "not mine." What are the odds that the mystery camera was exactly like her camera. Or, for that matter, it is exactly like mine:
No one knows who the camera belongs to. I don't drive the Solstice very often. I can't even think who I've ever had in the car with me except for grandkids. I really thing Pam is the only friend I've ever driven in it. Another unsolved mystery at our house. Oh well, I have another great camera! At least I know everything about operating it!

Speaking of mysteries---we had Mindy's car last week as it had to go in the shop for a few days. We traded cars with her.
While driving her car, I looked down in to the driver's door compartment and saw these. The pink can is a tanning spray. The other is a hair volumizer. What am I thinking? There's no mystery here. Doesn't everyone tan and plump up their hair in their car? Apparently, Mindy does!


  1. Now that is weird...

    I'm going to own up to buying new camera cards. I know it's daft, but erasing cards is HARD

  2. hmmm....strange. I once saw a man driving and shaving. So i wouldn't be surprised with the tanning :)

  3. Ha! You actually had me out searching for my little point and shoot! (Found it ... looks just like yours). But I wasn't in the back of your car - my sister was. And not sure it was the Escalade...

  4. What a FUN story! Hmm, can't recall ever tanning or plumping my hair in the car! Well, maybe a little hair teasing back in the big-hair days! LOL


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