Saturday, October 18, 2014

A Few Things

So we had a stopped up sink. This is Butch working with me "helping"---more in the vein of offering unwanted advice. Luckily for us I'm on a first name basis with our plumber. Jeff came to the rescue!
 We had a hail storm this week. The ice was the size of marbles.
 It didn't last long, but enough to leave quite a bit on the patio. We didn't have any damage to our cars.

 Victoria on the way to the orthodontist.
 She got her braces off!!! That's what I call a happy smile!
 Is this not the cutest pumpkin? No, really, the pumpkin! Evie is pretty darn cute too!
Morgan and I went to lunch this week at a new place called the Ghengis Grill. It's sort of a fast food stir fry kind of place. I first experienced a place like this in St. Louis when Jeanne, Janet and I went to lunch. It's kind of confusing. They have all of these ingredients. You just start piling stuff in to your bowl. There are all kinds of meats, veggies, other toppings and sauces. Then you give your bowl to the cook and they fry it up on a gigantic grill. It was delicious. This picture is the "pay" thing they have on each table. I've never seen anything like it before. You just follow the instructions on the screen and swipe your credit card. The only problem---and you can't tell by this picture---it was all grimy and nasty. There was no way I was going to touch it. I didn't have any lens cleaner in my purse. Morgan to the rescue. She handled it. You sign the screen with your finger. I just let her sign my name. I'll be sure to carry my screen cleaner and cloth the next time I go!
I've spent a lot of time organizing this week. I sorted all the bits and pieces leftover from layouts by color in to this bead box.
I'm not really sure I'm going to like it, but then I can't seem to just throw away the leftovers. I have too much stuff!
 The reason I resorted to the bead box is because I have all these little tins full already.
And then there are the bags full of paper, tags, journal cards---all sorted by color too. These are just the leftovers---not even my regular supply. I think I am a bit of a hoarder. I just can't let it go. 

What do you do with all your bits and pieces?


  1. Use them!! They are useless until they are on the pages so use them. My mother-in-law would call that pile of stuff a fire hazard. Use them or put them into mixed bundles and give them away at a crop or something.

  2. Those hailstones are quite something.

    Most of my stuff is in little piles all over my desk. If I put it away I forget I have it. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it

  3. I keep all y little bits & pieces, too, sorted by color. Larger items in my color bins & smaller items in color drawers.

    We really like Genghis Grill & have been going to the ones in our area for a couple of years now. I do NOT like the pay at the table kiosks because they are always grimy - I simply pay the waitress or have them do it!

  4. i have a few friends with young girls and i'd make up some packs to give to them. I have some favouirte scraps i find hard to part with! x

  5. That's quite an assortment of items to report on. I love those bead boxes for organizing too. In fact, I have just started using a couple for wood veneer pieces and metal flair badges, which means I have too many of both of those supplies. I tend not to sort things out by color except for buttons and brads. Most other embellishments I sort by type, keeping the package together by manufacturer. Although I do have a couple little boxes of bits by color that I take to crops when I go.


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