Monday, October 13, 2014

A Rainy Weekend...

...can still be fun.

I always consider that Fridays start the weekend. You can do that when you are retired. Mine started with a "pearl event" at Richland Country Club. My friend, Madelyn and I put a table together that included both of our daughters---Alyson and Mindy (who are friends themselves). There was a lecture from the world's largest supplier of pearls. It was so interesting. There were plenty of buying opportunities.
I couldn't resist the 60" pink pearls. Pink is my favorite color to wear. There are about 25 ways to wear these. I can remember 3 of them.
The best way to store pearls is in these organza bags. By the pearls rubbing against each other, it keeps them cleaned and polished. Who knew? The earrings were a gift to everyone who attended.
Our lunch was delicious---finished with this amazing pumpkin cheesecake. The club has such cute dishes too.

We had happy hour. Then we met our friends for our monthly "poker night." The guys play poker, the girls go out to dinner.

It continued to rain on Saturday. Still, Stephanie, Mindy and I had plans to go to a barn sale. Although we had a good time, the sale wasn't all that great. I think the rain kept many of the vendors away. We breezed through in less that an hour.

I spent the rest of the day doing a little cleaning in my scrapbook room. I also spent a couple of hours reading---When We Were Strangers (so far, really good).
 I started Sunday with my first fire of the season. It's one of my favorite things to do---sit in front of the fire with my tea and computer.
I'm on a roll with the cleaning out. Sometimes, I discover something that I didn't even realized needed cleaning out. That would be my rolodex. It took about 10 minutes to go through it. I probably got rid of about 100 cards. So much less to wade through now.

I re-organized, sorted and weeded out most of my class supply containers. There's nothing that makes me feel better than making order out of chaos. I also happened to be watching Little Dorrit while I worked. I watched 7 episodes today---followed by a little more reading.

All in all, a productive and fun weekend. I'm ready to start Monday.


  1. It sounds like a happy weekend. When my Mum passed some pearls onto me she gave me a special soft pouch to keep them in because it polishes them as it stores them, but they do say the best way to keep them looking good is to wear them

  2. We had our road trip this weekend & ran into all that rain on our final day of driving home! UGH


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