Monday, October 27, 2014

Mystery Monday

So, I came home on Friday after running errands and found this on the kitchen table.
My first thought was: "Well, I guess he's really serious about this biking thing." Then Butch came in. He said he found the book on the back steps in the garage. Steph said she didn't know anything about it and Mindy's out-of-town. We have no idea who left it. There was a clue tucked inside. A Vanderbilt parking ticket used as a book mark. Still, we cannot figure out who left it.

Butch followed one of the trails on Saturday and plans to do more.

Just another mystery around here. Whoever you are, next time just leave us a million dollars!


  1. ha! Someone's thinking of you x

  2. What a FUN find! Now you must practice more bike riding so you can go with him!

  3. Don't you love good surprises with a bit of mystery attached!


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