Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Sandy's House

I took a few pictures at Sandy's house last week. Not only is it beautiful, it is comfortable and inviting.
View from the street.
 I love the mailbox.
 The living room.
 The family room---I spent most of my time here.
 Some things never change---a teenager's room!
 The other side of the teenager's room!
 I thought this picture was perfect over the bed.
 Doesn't every family have a drawer just for water bottles?
And you know when you have too many drawers when you can devote a whole one to your bottle cap collection! Actually, Elizabeth's school collects them...but, still....

I had such a great time with the kids. It was a bit of a vacation for me too, but the time went by way too fast. I didn't get half the stuff done I had planned to.

It's good to be home.

Next week, I'll be scrapbooking at the farm. I'm really looking forward to it. I haven't done any significant scrapbooking since our trip to the beach in May. Sure, I've done a layout or two a month, but not days on end. Jeanne and Janet are coming from St. Louis to scrapbook with us. Can't wait!


  1. It looks like a happy home - and how nice that the teenager limits the clutter to one room.

  2. yes! We do have a drawer just for water bottles! It actually belongs to TSO, who is starting to believe she might need to move in with you...

  3. What a beautiful home! Actually, we don't have a drawer for water bottles . . . we have a canvas bin on a shelf in the laundry room! :>)

    BTW - might be passing through Nashville again soon . . . I'll email as soon as I get the details worked out & maybe we can link up!

  4. ..another gorgeous house. When we visited America a couple of years ago i took lots of photos of mail boxes..this one is fabulous! We have a cupboard solely for water bottles!! x


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