Monday, September 22, 2014

Happy Mail

There's nothing like it!!! You get such a good feeling when you receive it. Now-a-days, with emails and texting, I don't get much "fun" mail. Mostly I get junk or bills. Occasionally I get an invitation or two--but even those are sent electronically.

That's why, when I saw a handwritten envelope in today's mail, I thought, "hmmm, I wonder what this is." I opened it up and to my surprise, received this:
It's a gift certificate to our favorite restaurant at the beach---Cafe Tango! My cousin and her book club---the "Fab Five" were staying at our place last week. They decided to surprise us with this gift certificate.

All I can say is "Awesome!" We will definitely be thinking of them when we use it!! Thanks girls!!

And that's what "happy mail" looks like!!


  1. What a cool gift.

    I received a handwritten envelope last week - the handwriting looked familiar so I figured I knew the writer.... was tickled to discover it was one I'd addressed to myself for someone to send me something. Um, yeah I did know that handwriting.... :)


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