Saturday, September 27, 2014

Prime Real Estate

I want you to think about something. Do you have a scrapbook room or hobby room in your house? Do you use it regularly? If not, then do you realize that you are wasting prime real estate in your home? Use it!! Make something so that your room remains a good use of that space.

Send me pictures of your room, closet or cubby and I'll share them here. Point out your favorite ideas or storage solutions. I'll give you two weeks. Then, I'll do a random draw for some scrapbook "goodies!"

Ready, set, go!


  1. I have some space at the very top of our house, but it is an absolute mess at the moment. I have the very bad habit of not clearing up one project before I start the next, so the layer of paper scraps is now getting higher and higher. I don't have a lot of lovely storage solutions..wish we could buy those 12x12 sized cubes you can get. Honestly, some of my paper is stored in pizza boxes, which aren't very photogenic!

  2. I have my crafting stuff in the office - along with all the other office necessities. It definitely needs sorting and organizing but mostly it needs time for me to think about such things...

  3. I have an entire room . . . and I use it regularly! Here's a link to the transformation of my room from a guest bedroom into my craft room: And here's a link to a couple of my favorite storage solutions:


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