Sunday, August 3, 2014

We're Big Talkers!

The Lapps family arrived Friday night for their annual "first week of August" trip to Nashville. We've been doing this for years---sort of a last hoorah before school starts.

Stephanie made all the arrangements for us to rent a pontoon boat on Saturday. The place was 2 hours away on Dale Hollow Lake here in Tennessee. We got on the boat at 10 a.m. and got off at 6 p.m.---8 hours of cruising around and water play.
 Our day began here.
We brought an assortment of floats and noodles. I decided that I was going to tread water for a half hour to get a point for our family fitness challenge. Mitchell said there was no way I could do that. So he bet me a dollar and we started. I don't think he made it 5 minutes. Then I started to show off---first, treading water with no hands and then no feet. I kept going after 30 minutes and did a full hour---the first time. Later, we stopped at a different area and I treaded water for another 30 minutes to earn 3 points for Team Eads. Mitchell said he was impressed and paid the bet!! It's not often that you can impress and 18 year old boy with your physical capabilities! Truth be told, I'm paying for it today---sore arms, legs and calves!
I made oven fried chicken (I'll share the recipe soon---very good and low calorie), potato salad (not so low calorie) and deviled eggs. We had watermelon for dessert. It was perfect----juicy and sweet!

 Just about everyone took a turn riding up top. There was a slide on the boat too.
 Morgan captained the boat for awhile.
Now the part where we're big talkers. While we were riding around and floating in the water, big plans were made for the evening. We were to have Imo's pizza (thanks Janet for bringing it from St. Louis a couple weeks ago) and then play games. Everyone wanted to play Reverse Charades, Loaded Questions and finish with Poker. We didn't even get home until 8:30. By the time we showered and had pizza, it was 9:30. We were ALL exhausted and decided we should save the games for another time.

That's pretty much how we roll---big plans---and then little action!! Still, it was such a fun day. We're looking forward to a fun week too!


  1. I dunno - looks like quite enough action for me in that sunshine!

  2. That looks like so much fun! Just wanted to say thank you so much for my postcard. It arrived a little while ago but I've got around to thanking people today!

  3. It does look like a FUN day! We were able to spend four hours out on my brother-in-law's pontoon boat while we were in Ohio - we picked up burgers from the Hamburger Station (where they sell them by the dozzen) with fries and mushrooms as sides (all very high calorie!)!


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