Thursday, August 28, 2014

Still Dealing...

All I can say is this is a terrible situation---and it's not over yet. I feel really bad---Butch came home on Tuesday from his trip to the beach. He cut it short due to my and Mindy's "meltdowns." He didn't tell me or I would have encouraged him to stay. But I have to admit, I'm way less creeped out with him home. I'm dreaming about it every night, so I'm glad he's here. He has dealt with the nastiest part of the situation.

We've thrown away round 2 of tons of stuff. When will this end? The life span of these moths is a month. I'm not putting anything back in the pantry until then. We're still working and there's still lots to do. 

No more about this, I promise. I'm just still consumed with it.

Stephanie and I leave tomorrow to take Morgan out to the University of San Diego to get her settled in to her tiny dorm room. I have no idea where she things she's going to fit this much stuff:
This does not include the HUGE pre-order that they've made at Bed Bath and Beyond awaiting pick-up out there. She has no chest of drawers. We have to get by with under the bed storage containers.

Actually, the work involved moving her will be a vacation compared to what we've been dealing with.

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