Monday, April 21, 2014

New Easter Clothes

Whatever happened to new Easter clothes? I remember when I was little, we went shopping for new Easter clothes. I was thinking about that. We got a new dress at Christmas and then again at Easter. At Easter, you also got new white shoes and a hat---we had to wear hats for Church---and dresses. Plus, growing up in St. Louis, it was usually chilly at Easter, so I would get a new spring coat too.

I figured out why that happened---the new dresses---twice a year. With the change of the season, you needed something else. What fit you the year before no longer did. That was it. You got a new dress and that was your Sunday dress all summer. Growing up in a large family, you only got one. You had a good pair of shoes and a pair of play shoes. That was it.

Now-a-days, everyone has multiples of clothes and many pairs of shoes. Kids get new things all the time. You shop for the season. You have many choices. And you can wear pants to Church---eliminating the need for dresses.

Still, I miss that excitement of finding that special pastel colored dress with matching hat---maybe gloves, purse and shiny new shoes. I guess there's nothing keeping me from buying myself something new. Except, I don't need anything new.

This is just a little reminder of what used to be---circa 1954:
My little brother, Ronnie and I with my Easter bonnet and new purse.

And this one with the whole family---circa 1965:
I should have posted this on "Throwback Thursday" but I didn't think about it until now. All of us in our Easter finest. That's me in the sailor dress. I still remember it. I loved that dress. My grandparents in the background. They always looked so old---yet my grandmother was about 51 in this picture. My grandfather was in his 60's. Grandparents just looked older back in the day.

Here we are today, Easter Sunday, 2014. We're in our 60's.
On second thought, maybe we look it after all!


  1. I remember seeing photos of my Mom and family in new Easter dresses, we often got a new outfit when I was a kid. But agree - these days new clothes are more easily available. Lovely to see you all together in your finery tho' :)

  2. I remember getting new Easter dresses, too. In fact, I still do most years - we're in a little bit of transition this year, so I didn't get anything new. I still wear dresses to church 75% of the time, despite sticking out like a sore (or overdressed) thumb!

  3. those photos are wonderful! yes, we used to get new clothes for Easter and my Mum used to talk about getting a new hat when she was younger. I used to buy TSO a new pastel dress for wearing on Easter Sunday - did that for as many years as I could get away with it

  4. This brought back lots of memories, and I know I have multiple photos of my brother and me on Easter. It was also one of the few occasions when my mother took photos. My father was a music teacher, and I always had a church dress and a theater dress (fancier than that for church.) Now when I go to the theater people are in jeans. I rarely buy dresses, but I wore a new one to church this Easter.


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