Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Guess Where We Are...

Here's a hint:
We bought a condo in Santa Rosa Beach, FL last summer. This is the FIRST time we've come to enjoy it. Butch has been down here a couple of times for a half day to check on things. We came for a day and a half to clean in January, but this is the first time we've come for pleasure.
 It's the Lapps family spring break, so we decided to join them for a few days.
 We love the snow white sand. Well, most everyone does. I like the color, but it's still sand. The emerald green water is gorgeous.

 I'm lucky to have a couple of cute "cabana boys."
 The weather is perfect---sunny---around 80. The pools are heated.

We thought this was interesting, roofers---on a very steep roof. They are tethered. The guy on the top uses some sort of tool and hands it to the next guy below him. Even at 80 degrees, it had to be hot up there.
Posing for pictures before going to dinner at Nick's on the Beach.

Last night, we had a shrimp boil. Sandy made a Greek salad to go with it. She discovered that the kalamata olives had pits. Greg immediately turned to Mitchell and said, "Mitchell, I told you to get pitted olives." Mitchell heard "imported" and that's what he got! Greg was all frustrated, but we all thought it was pretty funny. You just never know what these kids are going to come up with.

We have a mystery that we need help with.
What do you think this red, gelatinous mass, larger than a football could be? Sandy and Greg found it on the beach. It's nasty. I've tried to do an internet search, but came up empty. Any ideas?


  1. looks like you have chosen a beautiful spot, have no idea what that thing is!

  2. Glad you are actually getting to enjoy your condo! No clue on the red thing. But eewwwwwww.

  3. It looks gorgeous! Googling as we speak to see exactly where that lovely beach is..

  4. Looks lovely - I like the beach.

    As for your mass - there is a booklet with a photo of 'sea pork' that could be it.

  5. How FUN that y'all are getting to enjoy your condo & family time! Sounds like perfect weather!

  6. That looks like someone's bladder floated up on the beach!!!


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