Friday, October 11, 2013

St. Louis Trip---Continued

I spent most of Saturday with my sisters. We went to a flea market and just hung out together. Jeanne had her house all decked out for Halloween:
This is just one vignette. She has stuff all over.
We went to dinner with Walt and Chris. We were amazed at how much stuff Walter has in his wallet compared to Butch. He really gave him a hard time. It does make his butt look big!

On Sunday, we started the day with Mass at St. Cecilia. I've decided that I want to visit old churches when we're in St. Louis. They must have a hundred! We have exactly 2 in Nashville.
Chris planned for us to go here. This is the same church that Jackie got married in a few years ago.

We had brunch at Bristols---really good---great variety.

Finally, the reason we came to St. Louis---My Uncle Jules:
 Uncle Jules was honored for dedicating 58 years to the fire department. They have named the administration building after him. He is the younger brother of my dad. Ironically, my dad also has a building named after him---1976, the named the Sheet Metal Workers training center after him---The Eugene Zimmermann Sheet Metal Training Center. He died young and was too, well-loved. I guess that runs in the family!
Here he is with all of his boys.
 There were so many people there. I wasn't surprised. He's the type of guy that everyone loves.
I did not know that fire engines came in other colors. Probably, I have just not paid attention.
 It was good to see Aunt Marlene. She's the youngest of the family.
6 out of 7 of us were in attendance. Jeanne wasn't there yet when we took this picture. We were happy to celebrate this day with him.

Butch and I left right after the party for home. It's always good to get home!!


  1. Oh how lovely that you were all able to be there and that your Uncle Jules was honoured.

    Wookie says he'd love to have a sheet metal building named after him :)

  2. What a fabulous day for you all. The church looks very beautiful. I would like to have anything named after me or anyone in my family actually :)

  3. How lovely! My dad was done his service in the fire department. It sounds like a wonderful day of celebration for you all x


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