Sunday, October 27, 2013

A Few Things

I got an email with this picture and thought it was so good. Now, I'm not sure which Dominican Sisters these are, but I love it anyway.
Connie and I went to see Into the Woods last week. The set was pretty neat. The story is about a bunch of fairy tale characters and how their stories intertwine. The music was just okay. I knew a couple of them because of the Broadway station on my satellite radio. We ended up leaving at intermission---which we rarely do. But, since we were leaving for the beach the next day, we were tired and ready to go.
I'm always talking about how my girls love jewelry---and especially the pieces I find for them. I couldn't resist this picture of Steph wearing the necklace I gave her for Christmas last year. She looks so cute---and this is after a long day at the office!
 I found these few things at a flea market in St. Louis a few weeks ago. Jeanne found the pink diaper pins and surprised me with them.
These darling little blue shoes are going to a special friend. Isn't it cute that they belonged to a little guy named Louis---and I bought them in St. Louis? 

Speaking of St. Louis, I'm watching the World Series. I don't follow baseball at all unless the Cardinals are in the series. Then I love it. But I have to admit, it's nerve wracking. I think that's how Butch and all my friends feel about football. 
Here's the thing. I played softball for 11 years when I was a kid---and loved it---third base was my position. It seemed so simple then. Watching the baseball game today makes me realize how much things have changed. Now they can measure the speed of the pitched ball. I had no idea how many different types of pitchers there were. On Friday night, I witnessed a pitcher that is called a "ground ball enducing specialist." Tonight, there's a pitcher called a "double play specialist." I guess in today's terms, I was a "third base specialist." Somehow, that does sound more important than just, "I played third base."
While watching the ball game on Friday night, we had our first fire of the season. And yes, those horrible bugs are still in the wood. Plus, the wood smelled funny---and even clogged me up. That's unusual for me. Maybe some animal peed on it. We had another fire on Saturday night, but that one didn't smell.
 Mindy went to Charlotte for the weekend to surprise her nieces and nephew. She got there on Friday night. They went to a Renassaince (sp---it's times like this when you have to know how to spell the word to look it up!) festival on Saturday.
 Saturday night was Mitchell's homecoming. This is his friend and date, Veronica. Don't they kind of look like Archie and Veronica?
 Looking quite snappy in his bow tie! I love pink on men!
Eight couples met before the dance for photos. They all went to dinner together and a party after the dance. Sandy says that having a boy getting ready for a dance is so much different than a girl. A girl will have primped all day---getting her hair and nails done. She'll have all new clothes, shoes and purse. For a boy, Sandy said that she and her friends have compared notes. They don't think they need anything new. They lay around on the couch watching football all afternoon. Then about a half hour before they have to leave they say, well, I guess I'll get ready now. We are having so much fun with this "boy" in our family that's always been full of girls! 
Mindy's trip culminates tonight with the biggest surprise of all. She got Victoria and Elizabeth (and herself and Sandy) 3rd row seats for Selena Gomez. Big Time Rush is opening. She knew they would love it. Mindy constantly competes for "best aunt of the year." What she doesn't realize is that nobody is competing against her! 

That about wraps it up for now. I'm going to get back to my game now. 1 - 1 at the top of the 6th. Go Cards!


  1. You all look a very handsome bunch, dressed up in your finery, regardless of whether it took half an hour or six :).

  2. They all look good - dressed up for the do. I like that necklace - you have good taste :)


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