Monday, October 21, 2013

I Hate the Beach!

Really! I like going to it---but not "on" it. I love looking at the ocean, but I'm good from the balcony. Seriously, I cannot deal with the sand!

We are having the most fabulous time. Jack and Connie's place is really nice. Plenty of room and a great balcony with comfortable chairs from which to observe the ocean and beach. We've seen lots of dolphins, flying fish, crabs, assorted birds---including some geese flying in formation. I do love wildlife.

We've relaxed, watched a movie---The Bad Seed---old black and white (it goes along with our book club book this month---Defending Jacob). We've had great sea food and enjoyed the hot tub. We've stitched while others worked a jigsaw puzzle and we've done a lot of "READING" (double entendre intended). We played "fan tan" last night and I won $5.50. Instead of playing for pennies, we "upped" it to nickels. Connie had prizes, so I got the first one. I took pictures of the place and my prize, but my photos are not syncing with the cloud here. That happens when I travel. I have to wait until I get home for them to sync with my iPhoto.

Anyway, I took a couple of shots of the girls on the beach before I went down for my obligatory hour---just to prove I'm a good sport. The flies were biting terribly, so I waded a bit in the ocean. That was very nice and refreshing---not cold. Plus, the ocean is so calm here. I thought about floating on a raft, but Connie said that I really wouldn't stay in one place. If I have to keep "swimming" my way back, then that's not really relaxing.

Considering the weather was supposed to be horrible the whole time, it's been pretty nice. Weather conditions don't really bother me anyway. I have fun wherever I go. It is gorgeous today, but when we came in for lunch, I knew I would not be going back. I've already gotten cleaned up and ridded myself of that sand that gets in every nook and cranny!! I'm preparing to settle in with my book. I really want to finish it today.

Having such a good time---wish you were here....


  1. I wish I was there too! I have issues with sand!

  2. Wookie doesn't do sand either - calls the beach 'where water meets dirt'. But the hanging out and lazing sounds blissful.

  3. "I'm good from the balcony" - brilliant line!

  4. you sound like my husband. he always says "awful stuff and it gets everywhere" ! Sounds like a nice place though x


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