Thursday, October 3, 2013

A Few Things

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This is the blow dryer Butch carries when he travels. I've learned not to rely on it!
 Now I've seen it all. No explanation needed. But I will say, it's pretty convenient, right next to the car wash. I like one stop and accomplish two things.
Unfortunately, you cannot get the size of this worm. At first, I thought it was a baby snake---it is so long!

 This is a sideways view of Nashville. I just love all of the colors at near sunset.
 I don't get this. Michaels has never carried Quickutz (now Lifestyle Crafts). They had this one little display and nothing else. Now that Archiver's is closing, we don't have many choices.
Proof that Butch does catch fish once in awhile!
We're off to St. Louis this weekend for a dedication for my Uncle Jules. More on that later.

For now, the layouts have been posted on the AYM blog.


  1. Interesting collection of photos - hope the dedication goes well.

  2. What a great group of photos - I really like that skyline photo.

  3. Great Looking up and down photos here. Have a lovely weekend.

  4. I really like the skyline photo too. And I like how you can pull together a selction of pictures and make it all sound interesting and newsy

  5. the skyline photo is lovely - great photos x


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