Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I've Been Neglecting My Blog.... say? Well, it's the truth. What can I say? I've been busy, tired, lazy, worn out, had nothing much to say, traveling too much---take your pick---they're all the truth. We just returned from St. Louis yesterday and I leave tomorrow for our golf weekend that has turned in to a week. I'm not complaining---there's nothing I love better than 4 full days of scrapbooking with my "buds." And then next week, I leave for the beach with more of my "buds." Soooo, all that to say, things will continue to be pretty sporadic around here. Sometimes I have internet access and sometimes I don't. This week, I won't. That's why I'm planning ahead. I'm getting a few posts in the queue for you.

Post #1:
We got to St. Louis on Thursday night. We stayed with Walter and Chris. Chris had her house all decked out for fall---it was beautiful. I was amazed at all the trouble she goes to---easily as much as Christmas. It made me tired looking at it---just realizing all the work. But, she has a really good point. She puts up her fall decorations in September and gets 2 full months with them while you only get a month of Christmas. That really makes sense.
 The dining room buffet.
 Chris always has a candy dish here---of which we take advantage!
The pumpkins are beaded and so cute. I don't know if this is a fall arrangement, or is here all the time, but it's perfect for this time of year.
This is my favorite---the mantle is just gorgeous. It's just full of all kinds of great pumpkins, berries and leaves.

She also has decorations to greet us in the guest room and bath. It's such a nice surprise to see fall things here and there all through the house. 

On Friday, we went to Three French Hens---a nice gift shop full of home decor. I love this idea:
 Mount a birdcage on the wall and fill it with stuff---notice the painting hanging in the back?
And this one with the lamp---love it. Books, greens---so darn cute. If I had even one inch of available wall space in my house, I'd do it!

 I managed to pick up a few things for myself and gifts too.
Just a random assortment of things---what in the world could that cowboy hat be for? I'm not telling---just yet. Considering I didn't put up my Halloween decorations this year, I still had to have that raven with the orange hat.
The little Thanksgiving turkey salt and pepper shakers sit on the cutest little tray. $7.95 for the set! You can guess who will be getting the little frog.

After a little shopping, we went to Imogene's Tea Room and had a delicious lunch.
If there's a tablecloth on the table, you can bet I'll like the food! I'm so easily pleased.

When we got home, Chris and I watched a couple of movies and stitched. A perfect way to spend the afternoon.
Rather than have a formal dinner, Chris made several appetizers. We munched while we played Rummikub. All around a fun evening.

That was just the first day. Tomorrow, I'll give you day 2!


  1. You go ahead and enjoy the travelling. Who knows what next week will bring, make the most of the opportunities I say. You never know when the weather will turn nasty and keep you at home. Just keep on taking the pictures and scrapping the pages so that we can ooh and aah with envy when you show us

  2. I love the name of the shop...Three French Hens! now I am humming it! I would have bought the raven in the orange hat for sure. Love the rainbow in that shot.

  3. It does sound like you have a full fun life! Be sure to get some rest in between so you can continue to enjoy it all!!

  4. sounds like you have a great life, carry on making the memories!

  5. enjoy your traveling and we'll look forward to the stories and photos x

  6. Felt like I had a trip this morning. Cute fall decorations - I like decorating for fall too.


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