Saturday, February 1, 2020

The Results are In!

Well, I was so happy to see how many of you took my "shoe" challenge.

I thought I had about 40 pairs. After the count, it was 47.

Connie thought she had 25 pairs. In reality, she had 50.

My daughters:
Sandy guessed 70 but only had 55. She just did clean out prior to a move last summer. She said purses and bags are another story. Hmmm, that might be a good challenge the next time!

Stephanie guessed 50 and counted 52.

Mindy thought she had around 40 pairs and had 63 including these sweet water shoes!
I'm sure she'll be using them this week as she's going to Jamaica. She said she's packed 8 pairs of shoes for a 7 day trip! She was feeling all proud of herself because she thought she packed "light"! (Reminds me of a trip to St. Louis about 25 years ago for a long weekend. Butch was packing the car and we realized that between all four of us girls, we had 22 pairs of shoes! He just shook his head)

My friend, Nancy has only 16 pairs. I think that's pretty amazing. But, there could be two things at play here. 1. She has downsized twice recently and 2. Could be she's at an age where she only has comfy shoes now.

I'm going to guess for another friend, Linda. She hasn't repsonded, but I'm pretty sure she has about 200 pairs. I was tempted to drive over to her house and count them myself! She definitely has the most of anyone I know.

Blog friends:
Susanne guessed 45---reality was 50 (pretty darn good guess)!
Cherie guessed 15 for herself. The actual count was 19!
Missus Wookie wins with 8!! Now that's what I call using what you have.

Okay, this was a fun nonsense sort of challenge. I learned a few things. My girls and I have around the same amount give or take 5-10 pairs! But the biggest surprise of all is this little cutie:
Josie has 14 pairs of shoes not counting slippers and snow boots and another 11 of various sizes that are waiting for her to grow in to! At 4 years old, she is already a shoe fanatic!

And then there's the biggest surprise of all! My niece, Jackie thought she had around 70 pairs. The final count was 79. Pretty close.
Jackie is the mom of Josie. She admitted to guessing 70 pairs. When she counted it was 79!!!!! I can't put enough exclamation points here. You have to know Jackie. She doesn't want a lot of clutter. She doesn't want a lot of junk. She doesn't let her kids have or keep too much junk. Yet, she has 79 pairs of shoes!!! OMGosh! Jackie! I'm shocked! This is not like you at all!!! What are ya' gonna do about it?

I think this was a good exercise for a reality check. We don't realize what we actually have. Now we know. I think I need to clear out a few more or 10 pairs of shoes. Here's the kicker. I was looking for a pair of shoes the other day---only to realize that I'd already gotten rid of them. Bummer! I hate it when that happens!

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