Monday, February 3, 2020

Mitchell on Monday

Well, this could very well by my last "Mitchell on Monday" post! He moved out this past Saturday. And it was none too soon! Now don't think this post is too harsh. It's a little more "tongue in cheek"! Don't take it too seriously.

You know that saying about houseguests and fish---they start to "smell" after three days? Well, it's definitely true after 6 months! We were ready for him to go and he was ready to go.

Here's just one reason:
I came home from book club last Monday night. Now, mind you, Margarita comes on Mondays. It's my favorite day of the week. The house is all clean and shiny and smells good.

There's nothing that ticks me off more than leaving the kitchen perfect and coming home to a mess. This is nothing new. The girls grew up knowing my mood would change immediately when I got home if there was a mess!

I'm sure you can see where this story is going. Since I wasn't going to cook on Monday night, Mitchell decided to cook for himself. I came home to a sink full of dirty dishes and a half-***ed attempt to wipe up. In all fairness, the dishwasher did need unloading, but still. There was no way I wanted to tackle that at 8:30 p.m. (Later, Mitchell admitted to me that he dropped something and had a huge mess. Luckily he didn't leave that mess! So what I encountered was the cleaned up version!)

I got up on Tuesday and headed for the treadmill. I noticed that Butch had the entire kitchen all cleaned up. I thanked him for doing it and he said, "yeah, well, I have to clean out the trash compactor because Mitchell threw something gooey in there that got all over!" I said, "just 4 more days!"

Now, to be clear, our girls and ALL the grands have grown up hearing: "it's a trash compactor, NOT a garbage disposal!" Obviously, if you throw garbage in there, it's going to smell and get all gunky!

Let me back up a minute. We got our first trash compactor around 1987 in our last house. When Connie told me that she would give up her dishwasher for the trash compactor, I was sold. All I had to give up was a cabinet. She was so right. I know that compactors aren't all that popular now, but I don't know why. It's a must for us! In fact, I would be willing to give up more cabinets to install about  3 more---one for plastic, cardboard and cans. What an easy way to handle the re-cycling! Paper is flat, so that would just be a waste!
 Anyway, Butch had to completely take it apart to clean it properly.
I offered to help, but when I saw him laying on the floor to get in there to really clean it and get the goop off the presser part, I was glad to be watching!

I think Butch hit the nail on the head. You have to have someone live with you to realize you really don't want anyone living with you! We love that boy, but I have to say, we're glad to see him go!
AND I can finally put the "big"coffeemaker away. We only use it when we have company. I've had to have it out for 6 months taking up counter space. Several friends have commented on why we have so many coffee makers on our counter. The one on the right is my tea---ONLY tea---no coffee allowed. The one on the left is our Kuerig---which we thought Mitchell would be glad we had. Instead, he said he didn't really like the Kuerig. I'm pretty sure if we didn't have one, he'd say, "I can't believe you don't have a Kuerig!"

Bye bye Mitchell! You can come over for dinner any time---and have shopping privileges from our refrigerator and panty! We're happy to have you visit now and then!!

Well, that didn't last long! I spoke too soon. As it turns out, he came back on Sunday to watch the Super Bowl game with us. Honestly, I have no illusions about this. It wasn't like he missed us already. If he had his cable and internet connected, he would have preferred to stay home. On the other hand he got dinner out of it with leftovers to take home. Is was actually quite nice! Yep, I do love that boy!

At least that fish smell is gone!

Oh, and we were able to put that coffeemaker away.
Now I can have my new "mini" Kitchen Aid mixer out that I just got for Christmas!

All is good!

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  1. Well, as soon as I saw the mini KitchenAid mixer, I forgot what my other comment was going to be. I want one of those. You lucky woman!


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