Wednesday, July 26, 2017

On the GO Again!

Today we head to Cape Cod to spend the weekend with friends, David and Linda. They have a home in Mashpee, MA. Jack and Connie are going too. Our plans are simple: chill, eat, stitch, golf, read. That's about it. Looking forward to it. There's nothing like recovering from one relaxing vacation with another relaxing vacation.

And then----drumroll please----Sandy and family are coming back to Nashville AGAIN! I can't tell you how excited I am! This was an unexpected surprise. I'll take them any way or any time I can! This visit is thanks to Elizabeth and Analise's scheming! My BFF Connie has a daughter, Amanda who was Sandy's best friend growing up. Now she has a daughter, Analise who has hit it off with Elizabeth. This third generation friendship makes me so happy!!

Now before I go, a few things:
Nathan and Travis. Jeanne said when they were leaving the King's Cove Resort last Saturday, Travis insisted they stop and take a picture of Aunt Barb's cabin! Sounds like I was a success!
 So happy that these girls are going to have some more cousin time together next week.
 If you get a chance to see this---do it! I love the theater, but even if you don't, you'll like this one!
Mindy waited outside the stage door to meet one of our favorite Broadway actors---Adam Pascal.
 If you see something like this on the beach, most likely it's the Eads family. They never get tired of glow stuff! Butch never forgets it either!
Last weekend, we went to Cheekwood (our botanical gardens and museum housed in the Cheek mansion--creators of Maxwell House Coffee). They had a Downton Abbey exhibit. Costumes from the show---awesome.
 Afterwards, we had tea in the Pineapple Room. The tea was just okay---not the normal pomp and circumstance associated with high tea. Tea is an event! Sadly, there was no clotted cream!
 My gladiolas were gorgeous one day and beat down by rain the next. There's only one thing to do when that happens.
Bring them inside and shake off all the ants!
 I made Bobby Flay's roasted beets for the first time---first time making beets---ever! Scrub beets, rub with olive oil, sprinkle with salt, wrap in foil, bake at 350 for about 45 minutes, slice. Delicious!
 We have a BEATLES station now! There are so many songs I never heard of before. What I like the best are the stories.
 I know that there are now dozens of ways to work out, but I have no idea what this means. Anyone?
 And then there's the newest member of the Zimmermann family.
Proud papa Zachary with little Reese Daphne! Still no boys to carry on the Zimmermann name!
 Are you kidding me? Right after I paid for a car wash, this happened! I had to go back later to get in.
 We saw this at the Barn Dinner Theater. It was so good. We had a ball. Lots of laughs!
 Sandy got tickets for the NKOTB concert. Steph and Mindy (and Nicky) went to Charlotte for the weekend.
Throwback to when they actually got to meet the New Kids! And then this happened:
Justin was cleaning out their storage unit last Sunday. He came across this! Then he admitted that it was HIS! He likes boy bands! That's why he's perfect for Mindy!
So, I received a wedding invitation. This is the first time I've seen this. I'd say it's a pretty good idea. Weddings are just too expensive for people to just bring extra people. The invitation was addressed to Butch and I. This reply card makes it clear that only the two of us are invited! No kids, no plus ones!
 At Sandy's getting ready to head out to dinner.
 My beautiful girls! I'd say that's a good place to leave it!

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  1. You have been very busy and busy with family is the best type :)
    Such pretty girls and so exciting to have a new edition to the family...a lot of women keep their maiden name my daughter took her husband's and also kept her own :)


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