Friday, July 7, 2017

Beach Vacation continued...

Day 5:
The guys played golf in this muggy, hot and humid heat! Butch found us girls a tea room and made reservations. This is getting to be a habit with him! We left early so the girls could do some shopping on King Street in Charleston.
 The tea room is called "Twenty Six Devine." The owner told us about the teas we would be sampling. There is only one thriving tea plantation in the entire country and it's right here near Charleston. Butch and I are going for the tour today. I always like to do things that I can't do anywhere else.

As you can see, the tea and food was amazing. Mindy has a little trouble since she doesn't like mayonnaise, but she had many other choices.

Day 6:
Half of us went to Fort Sumter. The other half went to "Angel Rock." Butch and I are doing that on the way to the tea plantation. I don't want to miss anything! The ferry ride out to Fort Sumter was the best part of the tour. We saw dolphins along the coast and got to see Charleston from a different vantage point. Fort Sumter itself wasn't all that interesting. The original fort is mostly gone. They've restored just part of the first level. Plus, it was oppressively hot!

We all met at The Griffon for lunch yesterday.
This restaurant is literally wallpapered in dollar bills. I've seen that at other places, but this just seemed like the most. They were supposed to have the BEST fish and chips. Some really liked it, Butch and I thought it was just so so. Not enough that we'd want to go back.
After lunch, Stephanie, Nicky, Sandy and I went to tour the Nathanial Russell house. Butch dropped us off and did a little geo-caching.

We saw the house on our walking tour on Monday. The gardens were beautiful. The house was really nice with a lot of unusual features---like pine doors actually painted with the grain to look like maple. One thing bothered me and that is the need for everything to be so politically correct. The docent kept saying "enslaved Africans" rather that slaves. We all know it was a bad thing, but it was part of our history. I guess they want to make sure we understand that they were "from Africa and enslaved against their will". We get it. On another note, the guide from the walking tour told us that the balconies on this house were curved to accommodate hoop skirts. The house docent said that was bull. Hoop skirts weren't even a "thing" when this house was built in 1808. Besides that, the daughters would not have been allowed outside on the balcony because this would have been "exposing" themselves. Just goes to show, you can't believe everything.

We got home and had time for brief nap before Butch's next surprise for the family. He wanted to keep it a surprise from me too, but then wanted my opinion as to whether I thought it was a good idea. It definitely was! He arranged for us to have a South Carolina low country boil! Unfortunately, there is no yard area here because of the pool. So, "Andrew" could not set up his table. He said the upper balcony would be a good place. Plus there was such a nice breeze up there.
We watched him prep and cook while telling us all about this style of cooking. It's all in the timing! He answered a zillion questions from us and was still able to cook without being distracted. He brought everything and set the table. The boil consisted of potatoes, corn, sausage and shrimp. He also cooked a couple chicken breasts for anyone who didn't want shrimp. He also served cole slaw and key lime pie for dessert. It was so delicious! Actually, this was something I've always wanted to participate in. I had "attend a crawfish boil" on my bucket list. Shrimp counts! So, so good. We ate every bit except one little piece of sausage on a little piece of corn. It was plenty of food and everyone definitely had their fill! The best part---Andrew did all the clean-up! The surprise was a huge hit!

After dinner, Butch drove the young adults to town so they could do the bar scene. When he got home, he went straight to bed! He was so worn out! Victoria, Elizabeth and I played games. Then we went out for ice cream, strolled the street and visited a shop, came back and played more games until the "kids" called to be picked up. After that, they all stayed up even though it was near midnight! I went to bed!

Everyone is sad that today is out last day!

More to come...

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  1. I love the variety of activities on this trip! The "boil" was a neat idea. [Of course, I've been to quite a few crawfish boils and helped put on a few. :) We never use plates - we just dish the crawfish, corn on the cob & potatoes right onto a big table covered in kraft paper & everyone digs in! ]


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