Thursday, July 6, 2017

Family Vacation 2017

This year, we find ourselves back at the beach---Folly Beach, South Carolina---just a hop, skip and a jump from Charleston.

For most families, a beach vacation is the most relaxing type. Not for us. There are always activities. Here's what we did the first few days:

Day 1: Arrival. We rented a 6BR-5Bath house.
We drove up to this and were very excited. Probably the best thing we did was have our groceries delivered from Publix. Sure beats spending 2 hours in the grocery store. The only problem is that it was an old lady who delivered. Sandy and family had arrived first, so they got to help haul the groceries up long flights of stairs. The top is the main level of the house. There is an elevator, but it's tricky to work and slower than molasses.

The house itself is wide open and spacious---exactly what this family needs. There are 10 of us this year. The only problem is that---I'd say, it's not been painted or had any regular maintenance since it was built---guessing 15-20 years ago. The furnishings are shabby and not very comfortable. But, as always, we make the best of it. We have a little private pool that, surprisingly was refreshing the first few days. Now it's hot, more like bathwater.

Rather than go out the first night, we ordered fried chicken from Publix. Our "shopper" forgot the potato salad. We made do.

Games all evening---the first of many. We play games every night: Mexican Train, Catch Phrase and charades--so far.
Day 2 was a beach day. The house is on the beach so we don't have far to go.  We like our privacy and there aren't too many people around. Nice.
Butch bought a washers game for the beach. Stephanie and Nicky brought this thing (don't now what it's called) that's like a frisbee, but has a hole in the middle.

We had dinner out. Very few places take reservations, but Butch found one for us. The Crab Shack---not to be confused with the chain Joe's Crab Shack. The food was excellent! Fresh seafood all around.

Day 3:
2 hour walking tour of Downtown Charleston.

 I had no idea that my cousin opened a rental firm here!
 The homes were amazing. We're going back to tour one on Thursday.
 Loved this bike sign along the Battery.
At the end of The Battery was this beautiful park. The cannons are from the Civil War. ALL the trees are over 150 years old.
 Gorgeous gardens everywhere!

 The landscaping!
 Flower boxes!
 Although this has been restored and looks almost new, it's actually a kitchen house.
 All of these homes are from the 1700's.

 We saw a bunch of pirates in the park with a real parrot!

Mindy is standing by the smallest street in Charleston. It is a real street---of course you can't drive on it.
 After the tour, we had lunch at The Oyster House. The she crab soup was divine. A perfect lunch for me along with a hushpuppy with praline butter and a glass of wine!

Day 4---4th of July:
We planned a beach day.
Butch could not get the kite to stay up for very long. Either too windy, or not enough wind. It wasn't steady enough to keep the kite aflight.
After this nose dive, he gave up. I lasted on the hot beach for about 2 hours. Elizabeth and I went to the pool.

We decided on a late lunch to avoid crowds with 10 of us. That has worked out well. We went to a place that Sandy heard about called Taco Boy. We were able to walk right in around 1:30 p.m.

To be continued...

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