Saturday, July 15, 2017

Camp Aunt Barb

Butch and I leave tomorrow for Table Rock Lake to join some of my siblings for the annual Zimmermann family vacation. It's been several years since Butch and I have gone since the Z vacation is always so close to our family vacation. We're looking forward to it.

I decided to plan a fun day for the kids. There are going to be 5---Josie-2, Nathan-3, Evie and
Travis-5, and Emma-8 (Jim's granddaughter). I have so many activities planned. I'll share the itinerary later. But for now, here's just a little glimpse.
 Sandy gave me this idea based on a birthday party Mitchell went to when he was little. I got tackle boxes for the kids and stamped their names on them. I'll pack their lunch and little treats inside.
 I made some cute invitations that listed some of the activities I'm planning. I want them to be excited. I'm taking them from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Tuesday. I know it's going to be hectic and I'll be exhausted. I'm all about making memories.
 Who doesn't like getting mail?
I wanted to have some t-shirts printed, but the cheapest I could find was $10.00. Instead, I decided on stamping them myself. I got the colorful shirts at Michaels--3 for $10.00. Sure, it took time---of which I have precious little these days--but it was worth it. They came out pretty cute.

I'm still working on the itinerary. I'll post it when I get it done and all of the "stuff" gathered!

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