Tuesday, July 5, 2016

There are two kinds of people...

...those who love the beach and those who hate it!!

It's no secret that I don't love the beach. That sand. Everywhere. I'll admit that it's beautiful to see and hear the ocean. The beach itself is snow white and so clean---I'm good with that. But, it is still sand (sort of like---Raisinettes are still raisins!). After about 5 minutes of enjoying the beauty, it's just hot! And it stays hot. On the gulf side where we are, there's usually not much of a breeze. Sure you have a beach umbrella. Once you get it up, it falls down immediately. You anchor it better and it's fine for 10 minutes. Then the sun has shifted and you have to move the umbrella. What a hassle!

Still, I "sacrifice" two hours to be on the beach with the family. Yesterday, we were talking  because there are others that don't love the beach. Sandy admitted that after all these years, she doesn't really think she likes the beach either!! Turns out, most of us are pool people. We like that clean, cool water. No yucky salt water splashing in to your mouth---gag! No worry of creepy critters in there either. The only problem with the pool is that it is usually crowded. In our family of 10 here, I think there are only 3 who really love the beach (Steph, Nicky and Greg). It's funny that while Elizabeth and I were in the pool there were people trying to get their kids out because it was time to go to the beach. The kids were whining that they just wanted to stay at the pool!

I think what it comes down to is that a whole lot of people that come to the beach don't actually like it! But, since they've spent all this money, they feel like they have to go to the beach! Maybe we fall in to that category! Even Butch admitted that he does't love the beach. He likes walking the beach, but that's about it. To be fair, he cannot sit still---even at home. A perfect example---when we all came to the pool, there was a problem with one of the pool gates. He got his tool kit and was fixing it while we watched from the pool. I wanted to set it up so that someone else would go up to him and say, "sir, can you check our toilet in room 106?" But I didn't! He just can't sit idle. Actually, neither can I. I need someone to talk to, or else I'm reading or stitching.

Don't get me wrong, we really like beach vacations---the actual beach---not so much!

What about you? Beach or pool person?


  1. Almost everybody round here loves the beach because it's so rarely that we get a day when it's warm enough to enjoy it!

  2. I like the beach, although we rarely go. I like to walk along for a while, then sit somewhere in a good shade & read & read & read. :) It is a lot of work though, keeping this white skin from turning red requires much diligence at the beach! lOL

  3. I like to explore tide pools, paddle in the water, poke through seaweed, sit and watch the waves crash - and the clouds/sky above the ocean. Yeah I like the pool too but the beach is special to me. Got a few minutes there at the weekend and it reminded me I need to get there this summer.

  4. I used to love going to the beach as a kid.
    Now as an adult, I enjoy looking at it ;)
    I do like to soak up a bit of the sun, while relaxing on the dock.
    We own a cottage and the lake is 20 ft from our deck..and it is so relaxing.


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