Saturday, July 30, 2016

One of the BEST Days of My Life!

"So, Barb, how can you say that? You've spent the week on the couch after your nasty slip and fall on a wet floor at Chick fil a where you didn't even get to eat your superfood salad. Your hives are raging and you are back on your highest dosage of prednisone allowed. Plus you look like Quasimodo!You had surgery today and spent another 7 hours at the hospital," you say.

"Well, you're right!" I say. "But---and this is a BIG BUT!" (okay, so I do have a BIG BUTT, but let's not confuse the two!) The doctor reported to Butch (hmmm notice that "but" too?)---the doctor told Butch that my bones are extremely strong and in great shape. So great that I will be able to go directly in the boot in about 13 days when this splint cast comes off. She had no trouble attaching the plate and screws. I'll be in the boot---non-weight bearing for 6 weeks or so. And then I'll be able to walk in the boot. It was just a really bad break due to a freak accident! NOT weak bones!"

Oh My Gosh! This makes me so happy! I was downright giddy and laughing so much last night. I'm sure the drugs had something to do with it. I'll be back on my feet before you know it.

You just can't keep this gal down for long! Oh, I tried to wallow, but all of the most wonderful family and friends a girl could have wouldn't let me! So many sweet notes, texts and phone calls--that at the time I whined about. I told Butch that apparently my friends didn't understand wallowing. That's best done alone! All the surprise Starbucks teas didn't hurt either!

Today, truly one of the best days of my life! I like it. I'm back! That's how I roll! 

Oh, and I still have extremely clean feet!

PS Stephanie, you might be sick of hearing it, but I'll say it again! You are on the fast track! (little inside joke).


  1. You know how I understand what truly excellent news this is. I'm cheering!

  2. Yay, a bit of long-term good news in the midst of some short-term bad news. You will mend all the sooner with a good attitude like that.

  3. Go Barb! You are one strong girl and now you know you have the bones to match!
    Sending you healing thoughts and wishes.


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