Thursday, July 14, 2016

On the Road Again

I'm in St. Louis this week. I try to get "home" at least twice a year---January and August. I didn't make it in January because of the wedding. So, it's been nearly a year since I've been here. My main objective is to visit my aging Aunt Marie. Usually, we have our sister's weekend this week, but since we just were together for our trip to Italy, we cancelled it. That made it perfect for me to slip this trip in to that spot!

Of course I do get to see everybody while I'm here. Even though it's only a 5 hour drive, I've been making it for nearly 40 years (we left St. Louis on January 1, 1977). Just as soon as Southwest started flying from Nashville to St. Louis, I've not driven again---about 3 years now. I can get an airline ticket for under $200.  And, since my favorite cousin (we grew up together) is retired, I have a chauffeur.

Chrissy picked me up at 10. We went straight down to Forest Park to see the "Route 66" and "Little Black Dress" exhibits. They were at the Missouri History Museum (formerly known as the Jefferson Memorial---I don't understand why the need to change the name---I had no idea where the MHM was and thought it was in Jefferson City). It's been years since I've been to Forest Park---and then it was to the zoo. Side note: The St. Louis Zoo is the BEST zoo I've been to anywhere---even better than the San Diego Zoo. And it's FREE! Always has been. You need one extremely long day to do it all and even then, I'm not sure you can. I must admit, I still miss Phil the Gorilla!

OMGosh! I can ramble!

There was another exhibit about high schools, but we didn't do that one because it didn't include the Catholic schools. Personally, considering the huge Catholic population, I think that was a mistake.

We stopped for lunch at Grazzi's---ALL Italian food in St. Louis is good. There are so many mom and pop restaurants that they have to be good because of the competition. Not only is it good, it's cheap too. There's nothing like Italian food in St. Louis. They understand salads!! There's always "stuff" in the salads---unlike most places in Nashville where your side salad is a little heap of lettuce with one cherry tomato and maybe a crouton. St. Louis style side salads have olives, pimentos, cheese, croutons, onions and artichokes. Each restaurant has their own signature style. You don't pay extra for them.

OMGosh! I'm making this way too long. I just can't seem to be brief! Anyway, we were meeting my sister-in-law, Janet, at her house. My brother, Ron built a new bathroom in the finished basement about a year and a half ago. Janet, bless her heart (that's what all southerners say right before they plan to say something negative about someone) she just can't make a decision!! That's why it took Ron a year to do the job---she couldn't decide tile, flooring and paint. So now, the room's been done for year and a half but not decorated!!! That is totally my forte'! Plus, that's the most fun part of a job---the finishing touches. Janet had purchased some towels, so that gave us our color scheme. Grey, yellow and white is all the rage these days. I knew immediately where I wanted us to go.

We headed to Hobby Lobby. HL is my favorite place for inexpensive home decor. Plus you can use a 40% off coupon for whatever is not on sale. 

After a dinner of St. Louis style pizza (I'm not really a fan of pizza unless it's St. Louis style) at Greg and Jackie's new house where I got to play with the little girls for a bit, we went back to do the decorating. 
Ronnie does excellent work. After complimenting him on the work and great ideas he had, I suggested to him that the mirror needed to be lowered 4" as it cut my face off at the lips. And, he needed to paint the vanity white. He groused about that, "no way, I'm not doing that. This isn't Brentwood, TN!" Suggesting that I'm a little "uppity!" I said, "I've always wanted things as nice as they could be!" Even Chrissy backed me up and told him it needed to be white. He says that because Janet wouldn't decide, he picked this. She has a slightly different story and said that he got it because it was cheaper. When we got back after dinner, he said to me, "Okay, so I need to move the mirror down 4" and paint the vanity white?" Janet looked at me all shocked!! A little later, we gave each other a high five. I love my brother, but he can be a grump!! You just have to let an idea settle with him. 
The very first thing I did was to turn this cabinet around so you could see it. I always want the first view in to the room to be the best view---highlighting the best pieces. The teapot on the window sill was Janet's mother's. We just bought some greenery to put in it. Chrissy found the little candy jars in Janet's scrapbook room. They were empty, so we put them here.They are to be filled with Q-tips and cottonballs. The little lamp needs electricity but there is no outlet here. I knew that when I mentioned it to my brother that it would be cause for more grumbling---"there's no way. Do you see what's in the room next to this? That would all have to be moved---I'm not doin' it." I told Janet to just leave the lamp and most likely he'll do it. The "Z" is battery operated and lights up. I'm not sure about the jars underneath it now as it looks like it says "zoo." I guess it's fine. I don't need to be so picky---but I am.
This shelf is going over the toilet. Ronnie wouldn't let me do it because, although it's not heavy, he wants to make sure it's anchored properly. I tried to get him to do it right then. He said "no." I said, "you know I hate to leave a job incomplete!" That didn't make a difference. I will say, it was already 8 p.m. by then!

We got everything for about $125.00. I'm good at decorating on the cheap! Anyway, it was a busy but fun first day. 

Tomorrow---helping Aunt Marie clean out her closet! And I've got stories to tell!

PS It's not lost on me that using "so" so much and "And" at the beginning of a sentence is not exactly grammatically correct, but I don't care! 


  1. I use "and" at the beginning of sentences a lot. On purpose, too.

    You never stop! Though that means the rest of us get to pt our feet up with an entertaining read

  2. First, I totally get that sometimes it is hard to decide on decorating an area if you don't a definite idea or at least a starting point in mind. Been there and done that!

    Kudos to you, it looks fab, although the Zoo bothers me too. Might she put a small decorative box under one of the jars or scoot it to the left of the Z so they don't both line up (says the wanna be decorator)?

    I type blog posts using so as well as ands, a lot! And so, mostly I go back and edit them out. ;-)

  3. Replies
    1. LOL - the Zoo wouldn't bother me . . . I live in a house with a collector. Doesn't everyone have a Kermit in front of the encyclopedias in the living room & a stuffed alligator beside the TV stand? :)

  4. You make me want to visit St Louis now - I love Italian cuisine and that colour scheme in the bathroom is lovely.


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