Friday, June 3, 2016

Moving is NOT Fun!

I mean the actual moving part s not fun! Starting somewhere new is exciting, but getting there is not. We've been working on Mindy's move for a couple of weeks now. They don't have much furniture to move, but it's all the other stuff. They have a lot! Or, I should say, Mindy has a lot.

I've managed to come up with a few good solutions for storage. Her condo is really nice, but whoever designed it didn't do a very good job with storage.
I had these spool storage racks and hang up organizer leftover from my scrapbook room clean out last
spring. Mindy has a lot of costume jewelry, so I thought it would be the perfect solution.
It worked perfectly. And yes, she does wear it all! Or at least I recognize most of it. The master closet is pretty big.
There is no pantry in the kitchen. All of the cabinetry is needed kitchen stuff---no room for food storage. Butch and I went to Home Depot and bought a couple of these wire shelves. Butch mounted them in the laundry room. There was a perfect little indent in the wall for them. We also put up the hooks for coats as they do not have a hall closet.
We did use one cabinet next to the stove for spice storage. Bottom shelf are regular spices. middle shelf--baking related stuff. That basket contains sprinkles and tube frostings. 

Like every kitchen I've ever organized, there are spice duplicates. One client it was garlic powder, another was oils. Connie had several bottles (like maybe 6) of celery seed. Since she's a friend, I could give her a hard time about it. "Connie, I don't even own one bottle of celery seed. Why do you have 6?" She defended herself by saying that she has one recipe that calls for it and can never remember if she has it. Now she has a lifetime supply! For Mindy and Justin it's oregano and pepper! I'll admit, for me, it's cinnamon. I don't really have a good excuse. Oh wait, yes I do. Butch does some of the shopping now too. Sometimes we each buy what's on the list. 

Back to Mindy's place.
 There's a nice chandelier in the master closet.
It just needs a good cleaning. It's too high up for me. They have like 12ft. ceilings. See that empty rack? I couldn't put anything up there!
As much as I say this girl is a mess, she does make me proud! Matching hangers!! I taught her right! Oh wait, I might have been the one who bought these for her during her last move! Yeah, I'm sure of it!
This might be a little personal, but I couldn't resist. This is the most unusual thing I came across while moving. For crying out loud! She's only 31! She doesn't have a single age spot. Uh oh, maybe I discovered a present for me! But I don't have any age spots either. At least that I can see! But then, the eyesight isn't all that great!

We're going on Saturday and will be finishing the move. Butch, Nicky and Justin only have to move the couch and bed. I'll be doing the decorating. I've already hung a few things, but plan to finish. Mindy and I are going shopping for some new towels. I'll share pictures of the finished place soon.

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  1. Oh, cleverly done on the shallow wire shelves in the laundry room. And isn't she lucky that you save organization items even when you've finished with them!! I look forward to seeing the results.


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