Sunday, June 19, 2016

It's HIS day!

Father's day that is! The girls gave him his gifts on Friday at Happy Hour. But there's a whole lot more to it than gifts. He loves his girls. There's no doubt about that. Even though they are grown---and most of the grands are grown too, they still rely on him.

Currently, Mindy is waiting for her "daddy" to come up with a solution for the fact that there are NO drawers in her and Justin's new kitchen (yeah, I know, who designs a kitchen without drawers---but that's another story). It doesn't help that I keep offering suggestions---although I think that's help. He has his own ideas. He just takes longer to work through them than I do. Anyway, we'll see how long it takes to actually get those drawers installed! He can be a procrastinator.

Just a little over a week ago, he spent 7 1/2 hours power washing the pool deck in preparation for our family weekend. He wanted everything to be nice for his girls! He made sure all the floats were blown up and ready to go. And he stocked the bar.

And of course, there was the situation earlier this week when Morgan came by to swap cars. She had borrowed mine for Bonaroo. She went out to start up her car and the battery was dead. She called from the driveway for grandpa to come help. He wasn't happy that it was almost 10 p.m. and he had to jumpstart a car. That didn't work anyway. So, he's had her car all week to deal with the battery.

They bring him broken cars, broken glasses and broken jewelry. They think he can repair anything---and mostly he can. When they were little they expected him to fix all kinds of toys---even a Barbie high heel! But that's what he does. He fixes things for his girls.

He reads contracts for his girls. They count on him to make sure everything is on the "up and up!" He helps them make sense of business decisions. They rely on his advice for their personal careers. He's never steered them wrong. He's the voice of reason. He can calm them down. He clips coupons for them. And you can be sure that he always saves them MONEY!!

So for this one day a year, he's honored. But the truth is, the girls appreciate him every day of the year. And so do I!


  1. What a great a great tribute to a very involved and thoughtful Dad!

  2. I'd say he's the keeper in that photo. Lovely post about an obviously great Dad.

  3. Hooray for Dads everywhere!


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